Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Tamilee's Design Your Fit Streaming Workouts Review: Stretch Workouts

I am SUPER excited to tell you about the all new unlimited digital access online streaming fitness platform from fitness icon Tamillee Webb. Remember Buns of Steel- of course you do, and for great reason, its an amazing workout - just like the workouts available on Design Your Fit. DYF offers you monthly access to all of Tamilee's best selling workouts, re-edited into 10, 15, and 20-minute segments. What I love most about this platform is that you design your workout- you decide how long, you decide which body part or fitness focus you want to work today. Lower, upper, abs, dance, walking, and so much more- the variety available will keep you coming back for more. Keep reading to learn more & stay tuned on the blog for detailed reviews of some of the amazing routines available on DYF.

Tamilee's Design Your Fit Stretch Workouts
Tamilee Webb

Standing Stretch: You won't need any equipment for this 11 min standing stretch routine. Stretches include side leaning, tri, chest opener, low back, wrist & forearm, rotator cuff, hamstring, calf, quad, hip, and inner thigh stretches.

Chair Stretch: You will only need a chair for this 10 min stretch routine. Stretches include chest expansion, upper back, twists, shoulder, tricep & bicep, hamstring adding calf, seated figure 4, inner thigh, and quad stretches. 

Floor Stretch: You wont need any equipment for this 10 min stretch routine. Stretches include cat cow, childs pose adding shoulder stretches, wide leg childs pose, pretzel, quad, seated hamstring, seated twist variations, chest opener, upper back, and neck stretches.

The above is a review of three separate routines from the DYF site. I rate all of these appropriate for all fitness levels. Stretching is SO important so I love that Tamillee has three routines to choose from. Love the beach scenery & all are great full body stretch routines.  I received access to these workouts for review purposes.

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