Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Norti Nutrition: Protein Performance Chocolate Bar, Low Carb, Pre & ProBiotic, & DELICIOUS

Love chocolate? Want to eat healthy? Well now you can have both. And best yet- Norti tastse AMAZING. Even my husband loves it! I should say loved, we ate these fast. They really taste amazing. All of Norti’s products are naturally vegan and gluten free, and contain simple, real ingredients. Norti contains no artificial sweeteners and are filled with good pre & probiotics. They are protein packed and taste like a real, rich, delicious, chocolate bar. You will seriously replace your favorite, unhealthy chocolate bar with Norti. Keep reading to learn more. 

Norti never uses fillers and artificial sweeteners which is perfect to help you meet your low-glycemic goals. They use naturally derived xylitol, from birch bark, and monk fruit juice, which are great for gut health and xylitol is good for tooth health! Norti is committed to gut health and that sets them apart in the health-food industry. And lets not forget how amazing these bars taste. Do a blind taste test and you will not know these are healthy!!! 

Gut health is an important aspect of not only physical health, but healthy brain function, giving new meaning to the company’s motto, Eat Norti, Feel Good. The pre and probiotics in Norti’s products activate in the gut to help repopulate the beneficial microorganisms other types of food destroy.  Norti also uses digestive enzymes which extract nutrients from food, so you don’t just get the most of out their products, but optimize your overall gut-environment for future digestion.

The Norti Performance Bar, a protein-packed crowd-pleaser that contains “all of the good stuff,” like nine grams of hemp protein, pre and probiotics and digestive enzymes - and “none of the bad” - this bar is dairy free, gluten free, and sugar free, so you can snack freely.

There is also a new Norti Low Carb Bar, that offers all the same benefits as their original bars but are perfect for keto dieters. They also now offer Norti Monster Bites, which are kid-friendly munchables in a smaller size, ideal for packing with lunch or eating on the go. Norti brings all the taste-appeal of junk food to the health food market.  Greg Lane describes Norti’s products, “for people on a low-carb diet, vegans, and people on a low-glycemic diet. Our products are for people who love chocolate!”

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