Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Create Your Own Kombucha SCOBY From Store Bought Kombucha!

Check out my SCOBY!

Years ago I wanted to start making my own kombucha at home but the thought of ordering a SCOBY online & having it shipped to me was kind of gross so I sat the idea aside & continued spending $3+ a bottle at the store. Well I read a little online & saw that you can actually create your own SCOBY at home. I figured what they hey, if it doesnt work, Im only out the $3 bottle it cost me. Well to my delight- it worked and it was SO super easy to do.  Below is the method I used and it worked like a charm. Some people add sweetened brewed tea to the store bought kombucha but I didnt do that.

  1. buy a store bought bottle of kombucha. Preferably unflavored but I couldnt find one so I got a flavored & it worked fine. It must be raw kombucha.
  2. pour about 3/4 of the bottle into a mason jar and cover with light cloth or coffee filter secured with a rubberband. (If you choose to add sweetened tea you would brew 2 black or green unflavored tea bags and combine with 6 TBS white sugar. When cooled to room temp add to your kombucha & then cover)
  3. leave it to sit on the counter or in your pantry until you see a SCOBY start to form. Please note the time will vary depending on the climate & temperature of your house. Mine grew much more quickly than the time frames I saw online. Our house is warm and our climate is dry.
  4. When you have a good scoby formed you can now begin brewing your own kombucha using the guide I found online below. Because my SCOBY was relatively small at this point, I made small batches & moved to larger containers and my SCOBY continued to grow - it will form to the shape of your container until it was big enough to use a gallon jar

Thats it! Making kombucha at home is super easy! I will have follow up posts on flavoring, brewing, first& second ferments & more. Stay tuned. Below is whats left of my latest batch of boysenberry kombucha!

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