Wednesday, November 18, 2009

11.18.09: Today's Workout & Pot Roast Recipe

Today's Workout:
-MS UB adv
-MS Abs adv
-10 min of Denise's Blast Away 10 Lbs
*total w/o time 60 min + stretch

I have been so exhausted this week and I don't know why. It is so frustrating feeling like I could crawl under my desk and fall asleep right this very moment. I had my hormones checked and all was (for the most part) normal. I was certain-CERTAIN-I was hypothyroid. I'm not. Well I still kindof think I am. I hear that everyones "normal" hormone levels are different. So whats norm for you might not be norm for me. I need to see an endocronologist but have not gotten around to it. Time and money. Time and money...

While Im complaining about this I will add that I should not gain one lb from eating a piece of cake. I mean seriously -the piece of cake doesnt even weigh one lb-how is this possible? I bust my ass in a 60 min w/o, I eat clean all day, I do not overeat portions. I have one piece of cake and I gain a lb? Seriously, I should not have to work this hard! I eat cleaner (besides that delectible cake-that is now gone) and work harder than so many thinner people out there. Seriously! I know everyone is built differently and that all our bodies work differently but seriously body-shape up, get w/ the damn program!!!!! /vent

Today's Recipe
: (by special request) Easy Crock-Pot Pot Roast
-one potroast
-carrots cut up
-small white or red potatoes cut into 1/4s
-boiling onions or diced yellow onion
-celery cut up
-water (small amount)
-one package of Knorr Vegetable Soup Mix

Toss everything in the crockpot and cook over low or high heat until everything is cooked through. If the roast is on the smaller side you will have to cut your vegis smaller so everything will cook in even time. If the meat is cooked through before the vegis -you can remove it and continue to cook the vegis. I have done this over low and high heat and both turned out fine. Also, this recipe was given to me using onion soup mix but the vegi mix is actually much better! I tried it both ways and both Jay and I preferred the vegi mix.


  1. Don't get down on yourself! Everyone gains, looses, and maintains weight differently. Your right, 1 piece of cake wouldn't do it! Maybe it's water weight? I find that when something that annoying happens to me, it usually water. I increase my water intake, and get even more strict with salt/sodium. As far as being hypothyroid, my mom was. She was dragging her butt all day long too. They tested her 2-3 times before they finally diagnosed her...because everyone's "normal" levels are different! Keep smiling, and keep up the workouts! If you want to know how to find me!

  2. thanks Sarah! That means a lot to me :) You are right Im sure it is just water weight, which happens monthly...just irritating!...I think I will get checked my thyroid checked again in the future cuz you never know.

  3. Much thanks for the pot roast recipe :) And I agree with Sarah, everyone fluctuates from day to day. Jason can gain and loose like five pounds a day for no reason!!! Anyways, your body is smokin' hot so you should really just stop weighing yourself (but keep being good of course) and only worry if your clothes start to get snug or something. Alhough I wont hesitate to admit it can be frustrating when your body doesn't do what you want it to do/what it should do.

  4. yes you are right. Normal fluctuations. I *know* these things, but sometimes need reminded....and youre welcome for the potroast recipe-Jason will like it. Jay does!

  5. I will never understand weight loss or weight fluctuations. Ever. I always blame it on water, because what else could it be? No, one piece of cake could not possibly make you gain a pound.

    I make roasts in the crock pot all the time, but the addition of Knorr Soup...brilliant! Will definitely have to try that!

    Great job on your workout!