Monday, December 21, 2009

12.21.09: Merry Christmas? & Workouts

Merry Freakin Christmas A-holes:
So this morning my boss asks me turn on Christmas music so everyone would stop being so grumpy. So what does one of the coworkers say
Coworker "does that music need to be so loud"
Me: "its Christmas music to put eveyone in a good mood"
Coworker: "sounds like talking to me"
me: "Uh, its a commercial..."
Voice in my head "Merry f-ing Christmas a-holes"

Today's Workout:
-The Works w/ Sharon Mann (from the strength dvd)
-Firm Fat Blasting Cardio
-10 Minute Solution Quick Tummy Toners (crunchless abs section)
*total w/o time -60 min + stretch

Sunday-rest day

Saturday's Workout:
-Bonus Cardio w/o from Firm Get Chisl'd
-10 Minute Solution Quick Tummy Toners (bikini belly section)
*total w/o time- 25 min + stretch

This is a cute cupie keychain I have had for a while. My friend Miki sent it to me. Its a cupie water bottle, but not just any water bottle. An Iwaizumi (the town I lived in) water bottle. We had a natural spring in our famous Ryusendo caves. So we bottled and sold water. Anways, its a cute cupie-its little butt has a peek hole in the back :)

Today's Lol.

Today's Tip: Soybeans (I would only go for organic though)
Soybeans are the ideal snack. They contain calcium, folate and omega-3s, which may protect against heart disease. Plus, they are low in calories and packed with protein (1/2 cup has 188 calories and almost 17 grams of protein), which can help keep you feeling full longer than you would eating chips or pretzels.

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