Thursday, January 14, 2010

The FIRM: Body Sculpt Review

The FIRM: Body Sculpt
Jen Carmen, 2002

This w/o is from the first Firm infomercial set and runs just over 50 min's. It introduced the plastic Fanny Lifter and this workout uses it a lot. Jen is an excellent lead-her cueing is SPOT on and she has a nice demeaner. There are 4 background exercisers and Libby provides the beginner modifications (uses no weights and the short step).

This dvd provides an excellent workout and goes slow enough to allow you to really heavy up on your poundage. She thouroughly hits every muscle group IMO. The reason why I its not a fav of mine is because the upper body and the lower body are seperate so it really does fatigue the muscles. This is a good thing but I just enjoy myself more when the moves are combined and mixed up. It is a nice addition to my collection because its different from many FIrms and that is always good for muscle confusion. It is very similar to Jen's Cardio Split-just less cardio.

After a nice warmup you do your lower body work which includes squats, lunges, dips, leg press and side lunges all with tempo variations. After a thourough lower body workout there is a brief lower body cooldown/ upper body warmup (so you can use this w/o divided up).

Then you move right into your UB work which includes: pushups, bicep curls, clean and press, front & side shoulder raises, lat rows, overhead press, and then a bit of lying chest work at the end (bench press and pec fly) and then move into your final cooldown/ stretch. There is no ab work.

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