Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The FIRM: Bootcamp Maximum Calorie Burn Review

The FIRM: Bootcamp Maximum Calorie Burn

Alison Davis, 2007

I really like the Firm and I like Allison as a lead. It clocks in around 50 minutes. I would consider this an intermediate level intensity workout though it can easily be modified up or down. I really give it my all and I can easily get an advanced workout. Ali and Sue Mi are background exercisers; with Sue Mi providing the beginner modifications. Alison is a great lead and cues well.

The workout is separated into plyo segments and cardio segments. The plyo segments include the strength work. She starts with a grounded move such as lunge and moves it into a flying lunge for example. If you just do the flying lunge the whole time you will definitely get an advanced workout!

There are some tough moves in this workout: squat thrusts come to mind! There is a bit of bad camera work when she introduces this move, but once you’ve done the w/o once you wont even notice. The last cardio segment is the most fun! She does a tire run, double step touch, shooting a basketball combo that got my HR up and I really enjoyed it. She also has a fun kickboxing segment as well. She does a bit of standing ab work and then more ab work on the floor at the end. Good ab w/o IMO. Lots of variety in this one so I am never bored!

I use the strength portions as cardio breaks because I use this as a cardio w/o. So I use my lighter dumbbells (5#s). You could easily heavy up but the strength minutes are limited so I would rather capitalize on the cardio and use my light dumbbells for this one.

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