Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Amy Bento's In The Ring Review

Today's Review: In The Ring

Amy Bento, 2008. In the Ring has 5 premixes on one dvd; they range from 32-75 minutes. There are kickboxing combos and small weighted ball interval segments. The premixes range from all kickbox combos, all med ball intervals, or some combination of both.

Amy is a high energy instructor with a pleasant demeanor. She seems to be having a great time working out in this one. She has two background exercisers, one provides some modifications-such as using a dumbbell in the med ball segments. Amy's cueing could be better but from what Ive seen -that is her standard-just average cueing. The set looks like a CIA set-a plain open room with light colored flooring and purple and reddish walls with a few fitness props around the perimeter of the room.

Some of the footwork is tricky in this one. I am not a choreo hound, so others may have an easier time catching on that I did. I can get through the 1st premix with no problems having done it a few times, but some of the other mixes contain combos that would just take me too long to catch on to. Her background exercisers even get lost a few times, so I didnt feel too bad.

I really like the fact that this workout is super low impact but definately high intensity, a real calorie burner. I worked up a great sweat doing the 52 minute premix 1 this morning. In The Ring also has great music and is very high energy! I would rate the choreo advanced and the intensity low advanced.

Some of the kickboxing moves include-machine gun side kicks, shuffle, front kicks, back kicks, round house kicks, jabs, cross, uppercuts, speed bag, elbow strikes, and your normal kickboxing fare. The med ball combos include moves like figure 8, picking up and dropping the ball while doing some punches, and engages your core.

Yesterday I got in a 1.2 mile lunchtime walk. Well part of it ended up being a run-on my way back to the office, it started pouring! So I took off running. Still ended up getting soaked, but got in 1/4 mile run at least!

Today's Workout:
-Amy Bento In The Ring
-Joannes plyo circuit (see yesterdays post for specifics)
-5 minutes abs
*total w/o time 60 min + abs

Today's Tip: Cinnamon
May help control blood sugar and cholesterol. How to eat it: Sprinkle on coffee or oatmeal. I have posted this before, but since Im taking them off a list I'll add it again. I take mine in capsule form. RedPanda and I started taking one midmorning and one midafternoon to see if it helped. So far, both of us are having good results! (year of the jeans!!!!)

Today's LOL: Its a bear kinda day.


  1. Poor Roger - I feel so bad for him!

    Another supplement which helps to regulate blood sugar is chromium picolinate. When I started taking it, I lost a pound just like that - but sadly, that experience was never replicated. Like cinnamon, chromium picolinate is often used by people with Type 2 diabetes.

  2. I just noticed this brand of cinnamon tabs contain chromium. Now I know why-thanks :)

  3. and yes, indeed-poor Roger :( lol