Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The FIRM: Aerobic Body Shaping Review

The FIRM: Aerobic Body Shaping
Allie Del Rio, 2004

This dvd is from the TransFirmer series; it uses the TransFirmer-a step that can be used as an 8 inch box, 6 inch box, 14 inch box, or on its incline for step aerobics or as a weight bench. The TransFirmer is a great piece of eqiupment-very versatile and fun. The w/o is 57 minutes and includes an 8 minute lower body bonus w/o that Aliie also leads.

The set is bright and white. Allie leads with 4 background Firm ladies; Alison provides the beginner modificaions. Allie cues very well in this, and no babytalk. This workout has enough strength work to be used as a strength workout but also has some nice cardio intervals that will burn some calories and bring on a good sweat. A lot of the lower body work will also get your heartrate up.

She covers every body part and really utlizes the TransFirmer on the incline alot. some of the strength moves include hover squats/ bicep curl combo, side lunges onto the incline, 2 sets of leg press, lat rows, clean and press, dips, pec flys, bridge work using the TF, floor ab work, lunges onto the incline, and lat raises.

Some of the cardio intervals are done on the incline step and include step around and tap, straddle step, and turn step. Some of the cardio is done on the floor and includes bunny hops, mambo, kicks, marching in place, etc.

I would consider this a thourough intermediate w/o. Add some plyos and heavy up and you can easily get an advanced AWT (aerobic weight training) w/o out of it IMO. You can also follow Alison and take it down a notch.


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