Friday, January 22, 2010

The FIRM: Tough Aerobic Mix Review

The FIRM: Tough Aerobic Mix
Susan Harris, Janet Jones-Gretzky, Sandahl Bergman, Jayne Poteet, Kai Soremekun, 1996

This cardio workout is compiled from the original Firm Classics (with the exception of Volume 5- LaReine Chabut isnt in this one). It is 43 minutes of step, floor, and four limb aerobics. You do use light weights in some of the segments. In between segments a fitness model lady briefly introduces the next segment and tells you which props you will need. Its a good way to tie the pieces together.

Kai Soremekun opens with a warmup from Vol 4, followed by Susan from Vol 4 w/ a quick stretch. Then you start to work. There are three step aerobic segments from Volumes 6, and 4. Two use light dumbbells and one no weights. The step segments are actually low impact but the three floor aerobic segments include high impact. One being the classic soft weight segment from Volume 1, there are also segments from volumes 2 & 3 that fit into this category. There are two segments from volume 2 & 3 that have some lunges interspersed with jumping jacks and running.

The step work from Volume 4 (Kai) includes a lot of arm work and the step segment from Volume 6 (Jayne) has you kind of squatting off the box while holding dumbbells so you get a bit of leg work too. I used 3# dumbbells for the entire time because I was a bit sore from yesterdays w/o and to keep it light for a cardio day.

I would rank this workout a solid intermediate.

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