Thursday, March 11, 2010

FitPrime Fast Cheetah Review

FitPrime Fast Cheetah
Tracie Long, 2003

This is a 55 minute mainly cardio workout led by Tracie Long, who works out alone on a small set that is kindof a "mini Firm mansion set" - lace curtains, art work, oriental rugs. For this w/o you will need a weighted ball (med ball), a set of light dumbbells, a tall box, and ankle weights. The dvd (like all FitPrimes) is chaptered very well so you can easily skip certains moves if you choose to.

I like this dvd but I dont love this dvd. Its not super challenging but it does find an occasional place in my rotation. Its a good alternative to a walking dvd IMO. It will get your heart rate up but its not a super challenging sweat fest. I also like that it includes a LOT of balance work-probably my weakest point fitness wise.

The cardio segments include a ball toss, a mock basketball shooting move, some light 4-limb cardio work, tall box climbs, handstands on the box, floor cardio-one is kickboxing inspired, and the likes thereof.

At the end she does some spinal erector work, ab work, and some floor work with ankle weights. I honestly usually skip the leg work since I use this a cardio workout.

I would rate this workout a low intermediate. The cardio is athletic and straightforward. No tricky choreo, and not super intense. Some of the balance work could be tough for newbies but even I could do it w/out issue. You can easily modify this one up or down if you choose to.

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