Friday, March 12, 2010

The FIRM - Cardio Sculpting Balls: Cardio Core Fusion Review

The FIRM - Cardio Sculpting Balls: Cardio Core FusionRebekah Sturkie, 2007

This is a 55 minute mostly cardio workout led by Rebekah with 4 background exercisers. Emily shows the beginner modifications. The set is the white room with the (fake) city view windows. For this workout you will need the 2 two pound sculpting balls that come with the dvd. The dvd has 2 shorter premixes on it; a 30 minute all sculpting workout, and a 30 minute core cardio workout.

This workout really has a functional feel to it. Its obviously not heavy (or even close) sculpting BUT you can get some lower body, body weight work in. There are a fair amount of lunges and dips so if you really go deep into the move you can feel it. The upper body really cant be worked w/ the 2 lb balls because there really arent enough reps. You could easily use dumbbells for the majority of this workout if you wanted to up the strength work. I actually used heavy dumbbells in the last strength set (the one with the "X marks the spot move").

The cardio work is solid in this w/o! Especially if you add in plyos & do all the advanced moves throughout the dvd. She does some squat thrusts, a side jump, soccer drills w/ the balls on the ground. Lots of good stuff here.

There is a lot of core/ ab work in this one. Some crunches but a lot of standing ab work. She includes lower back work too which is always nice IMO. Lots of functional moves like picking up the ball off the floor.

I would rate this a higher intermediate with the option to up or down the intensity if you want. I really like the workout. Its fun and unique and def worth picking up. You can use the balls in other workouts as "boosters" and get use out of them too. Rebekah is a good lead and cues well. All the moves are athletic-nothing dancy or complicated.


  1. Another vote for "Cardio Sculpting Balls"!

    I feel silly doing strength work with light weights, so I just do the 30 minute "Core Cardio" workout. It's so much fun and I *really* feel it in my abs afterwards. It's a unique workout.

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  3. Ah, peanut butter is also a very healthy fat. I don't have the peanut butter gene--I could take it or leave it, but since we switched to real peanut butter versus Jif or Skippy, I've really been enjoying it!

    I just bought the Sculpting Ball workout a few weeks ago. Then I started P90X and well, I haven't done it yet. I'm only going to do the strength from P90X because I'm missing my firms and variety, so this is on my list to do this week. I'm glad to see you gave it such a great review!

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  6. jo at 282.5 told me to ocme look at your blog today
    and i think it amazing
    im defintaley a follower now

  7. Jo if (WHEN) I do P90X I will also HAVE ot add in some of my other fav's or I will get bored, burnt out, and dread will creep up on me. Cant wait to hear how you like the sculpting balls w/o.

    Thank you Jilly! That should make it easier to comment now :)

    Bee, Its so nice to "meet" you! THANK YOU :)


  8. Red, Ya I know what you mean. Its better as a cardio w/o. I thought I would feel it in my LB the next day cuz I really focused, but no such luck :(

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