Monday, March 15, 2010

Exercise TV: (Ultimate Body Series) Slim Down Fast Review

Exercise TV: (Ultimate Body Series) Slim Down Fast
Cindy Whitmarsh, Jessica Smith, Michael Carson, 2008 

I did all 3 20 min w/o's this morning. I ABSOLUTELY loved all of them!!! All 3 are cardio/strength intervals. There is a small countdown timer at the top of the screen that counts down the 20 or so minutes for each w/o. My only complaint about the dumbbell w/o's is they only use 1 set of weigths. I really like the old Firm style of light, med, heavy but I figured it out. The dvds do allow you to "play all" but this is play all 3 20 minute segments or play all 5 2 minute segments. Only in the order they are presented-there is no mix & match option.

Cindys is first and if you are a fan of Cindy's w/o's you wont be dissapointed-this keeps in her norm of rotating between athletic cardio & (dumbbell) strength moves. In the cardio she shows a lower impact version in the middle of the segment-not at the beginning of the move. More cardio than strength IMO. Theres a lunge sequence, cardio ski moves, no ab work.

Jessica Smith does the next segment. This one is just about 1 min strength/ 1 min cardio. The cardio is super basic and just enough the get/keep your heartrate up between the strength moves. There are jumping jacks, Mt. climbers, ab work, squats w/ overhead press, etc.

I think Michael Carson's was the most challenging and it was very unique. He uses a med ball-he says 2 lbs or less but I used my 8# Firm med ball and was fine. I was sweating  and my heart rate really got up there in this section! This had (to me) a functional feel. It was pretty low impact but very intense-which is always a bonus for the joints. You swing the med ball around to work your core, squat while twisting, hooks w/ the ball, ab work with and w/out the ball. Very core-centric.

I did a few of the 2 minute "bonus" segments. Cindy's lower body w/o is unweighted bridge work, Jessica's tank top arms is bicep, shoulder, tricep dumbbell work. Jessica has a quick 2 min cardio segment. And there are 2 more I didnt get to do that Michael leads.

Overall I felt like this was a great w/o! Probably a bit more cardio than strength but still some good strength work. I would rate this maybe a little more intense than Cindy's Results w/o because they dont do the low impact and then lead into the high impact. Overall high intermediate probably.


  1. Wow! Congrats on your weight loss!! That's awesome!

    Love the LOLcatz!!!

  2. Love the intro, and that recipe looks yummo! When you get your card giveaway up I will post about that and put your intro on there as well.

  3. Your introduction certainly hit home. I just posted on my blog about my fear of strength training! Ha! I know it is important, nice having that staring me in my face :) :) :)

  4. i love the fact that you review different workouts
    thats very helpful for all of us
    you look amazing
    id kill myself on that firm workout though lol

  5. Bee, Im glad my reviews are helpful! I love knowing what Im getting into before pushing play! Or pushing "purchase now" (I do a lot of internet shopping LOL.
    Laura, It is SO important & I shyed away from weights for too long!
    Jill, the recipe is super easy too :)
    BG, thank you so much! I <3 LOLcats too :)