Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Exercise TV Ultimate Body Series: Lose Weight Fast Review

Exercise TV: Ultimate Body Series, Lose Weight Fast
Stephanie Vitarino, Steve Marisco, Michael Carson, 2009

This dvd has three 20 minute functional strength workouts on it and five 1-2 minute bonus workouts. You will only dumbbells for this workout. One of the bonus w/o's does use a stability ball and one uses a small med ball but thats about 3 minutes total so not required IMO. The set is a nice open room with the Exercise TV logo in the background. The instructors work out alone and there is a small countdown banner in the upper corner of the screen.

The first 20 minute workout is led by Michael Carson and is similar to his other Ex TV w/o's but uses light dumbbells instead of a ball. He is very core focused but you will work the entire body in this one. Lots of functional moves like bending, twisting and chopping. I really enjoy Michael as a lead and this is 20 minutes well spent. You will work your muscles and get your heartrate up without a lot of impact.

The next 20 minutes is from Steve Marisco-while I like exercises in this segment, I dont particularly care for Steve. He seems friendly enough and he cues well but something about him screams "childrens show host" Like Peewee Herman or something. So hes kindof annoying for whatever reason but the workout is solid and the exercises he incorportates flow well together and are unique & functional.

The last segment is from Stephanie Vitarino-who I really like as a lead. She does 10 different sets of multi muscle exercises and keeps it interesting and the workout goes by really quickly. I enjoy her as a lead and all the moves had a new "fresh" feel to them. I will def be checking out her new workouts!

I like this dvd and its definatley unique and has a place in my rotation. Its not a fav as a whole, but its nice to pick up from time to time. I would rate this solid/ maybe even higher intermediate if you use the max poundage you can handle w/ good form for all the moves. Its not heavy sculpting by any means but you wil work your muscles and get your heartrate up. The time goes by very quickly


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  2. They are good w/o's! I paid $6something for the full length versions & would again :) Let me know how you like them if you find them.

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