Thursday, March 18, 2010

Prevention: Drop It In 30 Review with Chris Freytag

Prevention- Drop It in 30
Chris Freytag, 2006

This dvd has two 20 minute cardio workouts on it. Both workouts are led by Chris with 2 background exercisers, one shows the beginner/ low impact modifications. The set is bright and open with colored glass in the background. You wont need any equipment for this workout. There is also a seperate warmup, cooldown, and some bonus tips in another section.

The first workout "Fat Burning" is pretty good and the choreo is pretty simple. She says she starts with a funcitonal (basic cardio move) and then adds a dance flair. That turned me off at first, but its really not dancy. A fitness dance lover would probably be dissapointed but being a non dancer I was happy that the moves were basically a basic cardio move w/ a bit of flair added to them. If you are not a fan of TIFTing (take it from the top), you may not like this. She does a move, adds a move, repeat, add, repeat, etc. I am not a TIFTer but this one flowed well and was fine and not overly repetitive IMO.

The second workout "Metabolism Booster" was more my cup of tea-athletic moves with higher intensity intervals mixed in. She does a lot of sporty moves (soccer kicks, shooting the basketball, etc) then adds in the higher intensity bursts (shuffling back and forth, fast feet, jump rope, etc). I really like this workout and worked up a nice sweat and certainly burned some calories here. I did add in a lot more arm movements & wore weighted gloves but with those mod's I got a GREAT workout!

These workouts adapt well to the rebounder (metabolism booster in particular), and are easy to modify up (or down) to suit your needs. If you are on the lookout for a short cardio workout-this is a good choice. Chris is a good lead, maybe a bit too smiley, but otherwise good and cues well. Simple choreo but not boring. Good vareity in a short amount of time. I did not receive this DVD to review.


  1. thanks for the kmart coupon thats always usuable at our house
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    were do you get all the dvds that you use is there somewhere that you are finding them cheap or just regular stores?????????

  2. I just used my coupon already LOL! They do have some fitness dvds at Kmart too! I usually price check and get my dvds from, is really reasonably priced, has clips, and ships SUPER fast. I have a discount code for them somewhere... I think you have just inspired my next blog post! I will find that discount code and post it tomorrow :) Thanks Bee!

  3. Girl...I would not use all your freebies together....just a thought.

    I totally love your blog. Today's recipe sounds awesome.

    You can mention me or my blog whenever you wish. Even to make fun of it.

    How did you get to be in an infomercial? You have lead a very interesting life. Do you still speak Japanese?

  4. Wow anywhere I can find new ideas for fitness or health Im totally in!!! Thanks!!!

  5. L2BL, Thank you! I will def do a shout out when I post a "before pic" of myself thanks!...I do still speak (broken) Japanese-though not too many people to practice w/ these days...I was on the Firm website one day and saw a call for success stories & decided to submit :)

    Challis, WELCOME!!!!