Monday, April 26, 2010

The FIRM Burn & Shape Review

The FIRM Burn & Shape
 Emily Welsh, 2007

This dvd got pretty bad reviews but really its not that bad. The w/u and one section are a bit *odd* but overall its a pretty good AWT w/o.

This is a 40 minute cardio alternated with strength w/o led by Emily. There are 4 background exercisers, Alison shows the beginner modifications. The set is the wooden floor w/ white walls kind of generic look set. You will only need dumbbells.

After a longish warmup you do some stretching and move into a strength set. She alternates cardio segments with strength segments but the strength segments actually got my heart pumping too. There is a lot of heavy 4-limb work in this so I really think its a pretty effiecient workout. The moves are combined well so you can actually use appropriate poundage for all moves involved.

She doesnt move too quickly and I didnt feel rushed at all but there is also NO downtime in this one. I enjoyed this workout and felt my muscles were worked pretty darn well and was pretty sweaty by the end. As usual, I modified the cardio up but w/ that mod, I got a great w/o!

There were a few *odd* sections-the warmup-it was a bit long and she moved pretty quickly on the choreo. Then one of the cardio sections seemed a bit scattered but besides that-a great w/o! I would rate this a solid intermediate that is easy to modify up or down to suit your needs.


  1. Bonus entry please! LOL
    you will be hearing from me this week quite a bit

  2. Just chiming in for the bonus entry for Jenn's Ballet Workout. I agree with your review of Emily's Burn and Shape. I haven't done that one in a while so it was nice to be reminded about it.

  3. Happy moving! Envious of your DVD pile. Bonus entry too.

  4. Oh, I'm a DVDaholic, too. My high step box is full of cases as I keep my DVDs in a binder so DH won't know how many I have. lol The box is full and I have some stacked on top. It's hiding in the back of the closet. What a nice thing to have too many of though, right?!?

    Congrats on your upcoming move and your razor party! =)

  5. Dang lucky I never win house parties! I really wanted that Bic Soleil one too had some fun stuff in it! Holy DVD collection girly!