Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DVD Giveaway: Amy Bento All Pump Xtreme

This giveaway is now over! Stay tuned for new dvd giveaways each week :)

This weeks giveaway is courtesy of the wonderfully generous Amy Bento & NRG Fitness!!! Not only did she send All Pump Xtreme, she sent TWO other dvds for future giveaways. So Amy fans-you are in for a treat!

Amy was SUPER sweet & generous in her email. She was really excited to help others get and stay fit and healthy. She also hopes were all having fun working out with her. I know I am!!!

Amy is one of my favorite instructors because in her cardio workouts she presents advanced choreography in a way that makes it doable for EVEN me, and we all know I have no rhythm...AND her dvds always have a TON of premixes-so you are really getting a great value out of them. Most of the dvds have multiple seperate workouts on them, not just shorter premixes of the original footage. For example in her In The Ring, you can do kickboxing or drills, or any combination of the two.

I just adore her All Cardio Hi Lo Knock Out and In The Ring. All Pump Xtreme is the first of her strength traning workouts Ive tried and..... LOVE IT! Well, there is some strength work in her 10 Minute Solutions: Hot Body Boot camp and A-Team Bootcamp (also love these). All of her dvds have super-upbeat-make-you-wanna-move music in them and her cueing is also good! She has a great fun energy about her.

Today's Review: All Pump Xtreme (3 day Split, shoulders & chest)
Amy Bento, 2007

This dvd has EIGHT different premixes on in ranging from 42 to 82 minutes. The premixes are: total body, lower body, upper body, lower body timesaver, upper body timesaver, 3 day split day 1, 3 day split day 2, 3 day split day 3. The set is a hardwood floor with some blue doors in the background. Amy works out with 3 background exercisers. You will need a variety of equipment for this dvd but you could get away with using only a step and dumbbells really easily. She uses: dumbbells, barbell, step, med ball, gliding discs, tubing, and a weighted bar. One exerciser shows easier modifications.

Three Day Split, Chest and Shoulders: There is also a good amount of core in this workout, which was a nice bonus for me. In this premix Amy uses a step, barbell, tubing, weighted bar, a med ball, gliding discs, and dumbbells. I dont have a barbell or step and my bar is too light-I did fine with what I had and had no problems subbing equpiment out. I do enjoy variety and have a LOT of equipment so I enjoy utlizing different equipment. It eliminates boredom and works the muscles differently than using the same equpiment over and over.

The time FLEW by this morning! I couldnt believe how quickly the time went in this workout. You will start with some chest work -bench press & pullovers on your step (I used the TF on an incline) then onto pushups-pushing off your step up into the air (tough).

Then you move onto your shoulder work with a variety of dumbbell and tubing exercises. Overhead press using tubing, upright row with the bar, band throw backs (tricep extensions with tubing), and tubing shoulder raises.

She finishes with ab work using the gliding discs, and an optional med ball. The ab/core work was fun and different from the usual ab work! There is a nice standing ab section and a unique floor section using the gliding discs for a roll out move (I used a stability ball instead and that worked perfectly!) There is some stretching interspersed throughout the workout.

I would rate this a solid intermediate but as with many strength w/o's you can make them easier are more challenging by changing your poundage. The music is high energy and Amy is too-but she is by no means overly perky. She is fun and you can tell she is enjoying herself.

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  1. It looks like it has a lot of variety! Gimme gimme!!

  2. I like all the premixes! I would get a lot of use out of this one. Thank you, Lindsey and Amy, for the generous giveaway!

  3. I am passing on entering this giveaway because I already have it BUT may revisit my dvd sooner because of the giveaway! LOL

  4. I like the idea of all the premixes as well! Looks like a GREAT workout!

  5. The kickbox extreme dvd looks pretty fun!

  6. OK I am here to admit that this dvd was on my tradelist because its huge length became a dread factor and I was so sidetracked by other workouts, I never visited the pre-mixes. Right now I am only using weights with a sliding filler because of elbow problems and most of the moves in the upper body express worked well with my homemade XCO trainers and Fitstix. I forgot how much Amy used a band and I will be using bands again eventually so am removing this dvd from my tradelist thanks to this giveaway!

  7. I just had a thought Lindsey and will email you about it so please check your email!

    Barb S

  8. I'm inspired. I'll go do my workout now... Hope to win something!! :)

  9. I don't have any of Amy's workout yet. I'd love to try something new. Thanks!

  10. The premixes look awesome. I've never done Amy's workouts. Hope to win!

  11. I have hi/lo extreme which has premixes for this workout and they are always so much but so long. I would love to win this dvd and have it seperate with shorter workouts. Just gotta love Amy and her rockouts with awesome music.