Thursday, April 22, 2010

Review: All Pump Xtreme (3 Day Split: Lower Body)

All Pump Xtreme (3 Day Split: Lower Body)
Amy Bento, 2007

This premix is 61 minutes led by Amy with 3 background exercisers-one shows modifications. Amy uses tubing, dumbbells, a barbell, a weighted bar, step, and (briefly) a med ball. You can easily get away with using only step, dumbbells, and tubing IMO. This workout hits all the lower body muscles and has a nice core section before the cooldown/ stretch.

After a warmup & stretch you move right into a squat series: squats with the bar, 1 legged balancing squats (which also hits the core and works on balance), and hack squats where you elevate your heels on the step. Then you do a sit down on the step-stand up move with a barbell (or dumbbells), weighted curtsey lunge into a side lunge w/ a knee lift (again hitting the core & working balance). Then we move into deadlifts while standing on the box -my legs started shaking at this point. Then you put your tubing handle around your foot and do a kickback move with your leg-working your hamstring. We finish our LB work with a one legged bridge on the step.

Before the cooldown stretch you do the core workout using the gliding discs, a dumbbell and/or an optional med ball. The core work was fun and different from the usual ab work! There is a nice standing ab section: circling the dumbbell, a weighted sidebend, overhead reach, and a throw out/ chop with the med ball. She finishes with a unique floor section using the gliding discs for a roll out move (I used a stability ball instead and that worked perfectly!) and a crab pose-into a side plank-into a plank-and back move (tough!).

I would rate this portion a high intermediate strength workout. Like I said I didnt really heavy up (15# max) and I just know my LB will be feeling it tomorrow-I already can to some extent! The time went quickly and there is a lot of variety without being rushed. She gives just enough time to prepare and move into the next move without wasting time or having to push pause. Very efficient and fun! Great music, great lead.


  1. Thanks for the Lysol substitute suggestion. Our son with OCD hates Lysol as passionately as I love exercise.

  2. WELCOME BACK!!!!!! Love the pic's! You guys look fabulous, and it looks like you had a great time!

  3. What appeals to me in today's review is the killer squat series! Inspired by your giveaway, I did my only Amy Bento workout today: 10 Min Solution Tone Trouble Zones. It was a double inspiration because this was also a virgin workout that I got in a VF trade, and I'm always trying to get through the virgins. It was a good introduction to Amy; however, I have a feeling the 10MS workout is very light compared to All Pump Xtreme! The name even scares me a little! Thanks for the great review. It looks like you had a wonderful vacation - love the pics!

  4. Thanks for the break down of this dvd. The more I read the more awesome it looks. I really hope I win. Also love your pics. I got married in Vegas five years ago. The place is awesome.