Friday, April 23, 2010

Review: All Pump Xtreme (3 Day Split: Back, Bi's & Tri's)

All Pump Xtreme (3 Day Split: Back, Bi's & Tri's)
Amy Bento, 2007

This premix is 42 minutes led by Amy with 3 background exercisers-one shows modifications. Amy uses tubing, dumbbells, a barbell, a weighted bar, and a step. You can easily get away with using only step, dumbbells, and tubing IMO-but I enjoyed using the bar for one of the bicep moves. This workout thouroughly works the bi's, tri's, and back before the cooldown/ stretch.

After the warmup you move right into back work starting w/ modified pullups. Amy has a weighted bar lying across 2 sets of a lot of risers and 1 b/g exerciser uses 2 chairs. I only have the Firm Sculpting Stick and I didnt really trust my body weight with that stick so I did a different back move (Im drawing a blank on the name right now-something pinch-someone help me out?), [ETA: rhomboid pinch-knew it would come to me sooner or later] from there she moves into T bar rows w/ a barbell (I used dumbbells), then a lying rear delt fly on the incline bench.

Next is the bicep work-she starts with the band handles around the bar. You hold the bar and put 1 foot on the band and curl-I could REALLY feel this, so if you have a bar & a band I would recommend not subbing equipment here. Then you do bicep curls & forearm curls lying on the incline bench. You finish (frying) the bicep work with tubing curls.

The last section is tricep work and boy will my tri's feel this tomorrow! You do tricep pushups on the bench with a one armed tri hold-ouch, dumbbell kickbacks and a seated overhead tubing tricep extension. You move into your cooldown to finish the workout-there is no core work in this premix.

I would rate this premix & the dvd as a whole a high intermediate w/o. This is a great strength training dvd and would fit nicely in all dvd collections. It is tough but fun and also very efficient.


  1. Congrats on your guest blogging gig - you are such a creative possum!

  2. What appeals to me today about Amy's DVD is the level. You mention it's high intermediate - this seems doable to me even though the word Xtreme is in the title, which always intimidates me. BTW, nice job on the craft tins and the guest blogging.

  3. 42 min just for Back, Bi's & Tri's! Sounds tough. Can't wait to try it. Thanks!

  4. I spend a good 1/3 of each month in Atlantic city. Even though most of our meals are buffets, I have learned not to over-eat and walk so much that I actually keep my weight down easier in AC than at home with my home daily workouts!

  5. I love your blog and your pics. Keep them coming!
    I loved how detailed your posts are about the workouts.

  6. I just found your blog - awesome job!! I love how there is tons of fitness information, recipes, photos and fun stuff too! Congrats on a job well done!