Monday, May 24, 2010

Jillian Michales No More Trouble Zones Review

No More Trouble Zones
Jillian Michaels, 2008

This is a 50 minute strength circuit workout led by Jillian w/ 2 background exercisers. No one really shows any modifications but on occasion someone will show a modification example. You will only need dumbbells for this workout. Jillian uses 3#ers but seriously folks, this isnt Squeeze-I think most non-beginners can easily pull off heavier weights. There are plenty of reps but its not what I would consider a hi rep low weight w/o. No I am not using my heaviest poundage for the whole workout but Im not using 3's either.

Jillian goes through 6 or 7 circuits depending on how you look at it (warmup, stretch, and one kindof partial circuit at the end). The warmup is nice-mostly cardio (jogging, jump rope) and some dynamic stretching. Each circuit has a few moves and then you repeat the circuit. Jillian does a good job of hitting all the muscles in this one! I really feel that everything was thoroughly worked after doing this.

Most of the circuits are done standing but the last 2.5 are done on the floor and include: plank twists, plank taps, push ups, effective lying ab work variations, donkey kicks, lying inner and outer thigh raises, bridge, supermans, plank rows, and side planks. I love (to hate) all this plank work-you can really feel it working your entire core, chest, shoulders, tri's, and more!

The standing work includes moves like: lunge w/ a bicp curl, squat with an overhead press, static sqat w/ a concentrated bicep curl, pliet w/ an overhead tricep extension, static squat w/ tricep kickback, deadlift w/ hammercurl, surrenders while holding your dumbbells over your head (yikes), sidelunge w/ a hammer curl, etc. I liked all the variety and she does lots of multimuscle moves that got my heart rate up decently.

I would rate this a solid intermediate workout, if you use heavier weights you can easily get a more challenging workout, I did! Jillians got her typical "tough guy" attitude in this, but shes not over the top. If you are not a fan of hers, you probably wont enjoy the workout. But she is fine w/ me, the workout is solid and unique. I like it better than 30 Day Shred, but not as much as BFBM.


  1. I love my raspberries!! That would be sad if Hello Kitty disappeared.

  2. The cake looks great! Great review of Jillian's dvd, you're right about the weights, I go heavier as well. The core section on it is a killer and I never seem to feel plank work in my stomach, only in my lower back.
    Too funny you went to Hello Kitty Land in Tokyo, that must have been a fun trip.

  3. Not very pretty or doesn't look appetizing?!?! Are you kidding me?!? That picture just made me RAVENOUS! It looks (and sounds) delicious!


  4. ahhh thank you Maria! Im glad we dropped it off, I have a bad cake addiction :)

    Susan, Hello Kitty land was ADORABLE! Well worth the (expensive) admission price. We got some adorable pics!

    Lindsay, Im hoping its a rumor!

  5. Say it isn't so! I love Hello Kitty. I hope it's just a rumour. HK has been around a looooong time. Lindsey, have you thought about adding a Hello Kitty label to your blog?

    The cake looks delicious to me!! Great review of NMTZ - I have this one but haven't tried it yet. Jillian scares me.

  6. Karen, I will def add a HK lable, great idea :)
    lol, Jillian scares me too!

  7. OK - I LOVE the Hello Kitty label - it takes me to all the cool HK pics! Thanks, Lindsey! You have such a great blog!