Friday, August 20, 2010

Urban Rebounding Compilation #4 Review

Urban Rebounding Compilation #4
Jo Jo, Alison, Tracie, Shannon, 2003

This dvd has four mini trampoline workouts on one dvd. The workouts range from 18-28 minutes and are each led by a different instructor. Each workout has one lead and two background exercisers. They workout in a colorful room with a few rebounders propped around the walls, Japanese paper screens, and a juicebar in the background.

Resistance Bound is led by Tracie and while its a good workout, Tracie is obnoxious and never stops talking. If you can get past her or put her on mute this is a nice 28 minute rebounding workout. She uses light 1# sand weights, and does mostly athletic bouncing.

Sports Specific is led by Shannon and is the best on the dvd. Shannon is a great lead and this one is more challenging than the others. Its 27 minutes long and as the title suggests has sporty moves in it like: skiing, boxing, volleyball, etc. She also has some power pushes to get your heart pumping.

Ballet Bound led by Alison (I think thats her name?) and is 23 minutes long. Its a nice workout and shes a good lead. She goes through a series of ballet postures adding "attitude" to each move and keeps it interesting.

African Bound is only 18 minutes and is led by Jo Jo. Jo Jo is funny and keeps me smiling. This is the least challenging of the set but still fun and you can up the intensity easily enough.

With rebounding more so than other workouts, you get into the workouts what you put into them. If you just bounce around, youre not going to get your heartrate up. If you push your feet down into the mat and use big arm movements (you can even wear weighted gloves) you will get a great cardio workout, burn a lot of calories, and work up a nice sweat. I would rate this dvd is intermediate in intensity.


  1. Love your cards, Lindsey - thanks for posting pics! Enjoyed reading your review too! Sports Specific is my fave on that compilation as well. I also really like the workout you did - Interval Bound. Yeah, not such a good idea to eat and then rebound...

  2. unfortunately, I sound very much like Tracie :(