Thursday, August 26, 2010

The FIRM: Hi-Def Sculpt Review

The FIRM: Hi-Def Sculpt
Annie Lee, 2007

This dvd was originally released in the Firms TransFirmation Cardioweights system (BSS5) but is now available individually. The full length version is 46 minutes and the express version is 25 minutes. Annie isn't the best lead but the workout is still good. This was her first time leading and she is definately uncomfortable in front of the camera.

There are four background exercisers, all Firm Master Intructors. Sue Mi shows the beginner modificaitons. The set is hardwood floor with white brick walls and foggy windows.

The workout is solid and she hits every muscle group. It is strength only (no cardio). She does intersperse some stretching throughout the workout (I could have lived without that) and closes with an additional stretch. My main pet peeve is she uses her medium weights the ENTIRE workout. She goes at a nice slow pace and you can EASILY heavy up-and I do.

There is a lot of shoulder work. She does a set of pushups and one set of pec flys for chest work. There is a lot of compound moves-most of it is appropriate so you can do both moves w/ the same set of weights. She does side lunges with rows, lunge and twist/ chop, squat with rows, side lunge w/ front raise, etc. There are a few sets of lat rows, there is some standing ab work interspersed as well.

After about 25 minutes of standing work you go down to the floor for a few minutes. On the floor she has you doing a "power press" move-tricpes tummy toner (crunch with a bench press into an overhead tricep extension), and some bridges with triceps work. Then you are back to standing work for a bit and you will end with some crunches, side crunches, and lower ab work.

I would rate this a solid intermediate w/o that you can up or down the intensity by adjusting your poundage. She pauses a lot inbetween sets so there is some down time especially considering the stretching she has interspersed throughout. All in all its a good strength w/o despite it all.

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  1. I plan to do Hi-Def Sculpt on Monday. Thanks for great review. No post on Friday - I feel like I'm missing something since I read your blog every day. Now I'm over to Win Lose or Blog to get caught up there. Hope you're enjoying your weekend!