Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The FIRM: Ultimate Fat Burning Workout

The FIRM: Ultimate Fat Burning Workout
Alison Davis, 2006

This dvd is just over 40 minutes long. Alison leads with 4 background exercisers, there is no modifier, but Im not sure one is really needed in this workout. The workout consists of floor cardio and light 4 limb aerobic segments. She utilizes one set of light dumbbells and thats it. There is also some standing and a bit of floor ab work. None of the moves are too dancy or hard to follow, more athletic and straight forward.

She leads you through a nice cardio warmup then onto the first set of light 4 limb work. I used 5-8 lbs (she recommends 3-5). Then you do another cardio set followed by another 4 limb set. The final cardio set is a fun high energy kickboxing segment. I absolutely loved this segment and worked up a nice sweat throughout. After this final cardio segment you do a quick cooldown, followed by some standing weighted ab work. Alison then moves you onto some stretches and some pushups and planks.

I would rate this an intermediate cardio workout. Like any Firm it can easily be modified up or down. You could really heavy up in the 4 limb work and get more of a strength training workout, but I like it as a cardio w/o w/ light weigths. Alison is an excellent lead, great cueing, good personality.

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