Thursday, November 11, 2010

11.11.10: Two Pounds

Today: I am up 2 damn pounds on the scale, not a huge deal but you know it irritates me. The cajun food-it was oh so delicious, and I guess the evening cocktails arent helping my cause. Sigh, need to be at least at "normal" for the holidays...

Also Today: I realized that on The Firm Calorie Explosion dvd you can skip forward but you cant rewind or FF. I also tried to skip back and wasnt able to. What the hell? I seem to have a foul mouth today. Forgive me...

Today's Workout:
-The Firm Calorie Explosion
-Jackie Warner's Crunch Free Xtreme Abs (standing section)
*total w/o time 65 min + stretch

I just got Jackies w/o in the mail from Anchor Bay to review. So far- LOVE it! The review will go up as soon as I finish the other segment.

Today's Bargain: Theres still time to enter my Advanced Workouts DVDs giveaway for Gin Millers Simply Circuit dvd here.

Today's Review: Natural Journeys Pilates for Fat Burning
Alanna Zabel, 2007 **** (4 of 5 stars)

This is a 60 minute pilates workout led by Alanna with 2 background exercisers. The set is quite nice- hardwood floors with a nice cloud looking backdrop and some vases. One b/ger shows beginner modifications. Alanna says that this w/o is "the core & ab strengthing work from pilates blended w/ the flowing vinyassa of yoga." The dvd also has a bonus 6 minute ab w/o- that was quite tough.

Some of the moves include: variations of sun salutations, 1 legged plank w/ pushups, down dog w/ a knee pull, pulsing squats w/ a twist, superman variations, lots of plank work & variations including side plank work, 1/2 moon stretch, V- sit variations, teaser, rollups into shoulder stand (tough!), bridge w/ leg circles, single leg stretch, bicycle, oblique twists, the hundred, corkscrew, spinal twist, and concludes w/ a relaxation pose.

The cover says beginner to intermediate but I wouldnt say this is a beginner w/o- she does shoulder stands!!! I think it says "beginner" because of the backgrounder showing modifications. I would say this is a solid intermediate w/o.

I really like Alanna! Her cueing is great and she really keeps it moving in this w/o. I didnt feel that it was dragging on or that there was any wasted time. Its a very easy w/o to do in whole or to break up and use it in parts. She keeps it interesting by combining yoga and pilates moves into one well blended workout. I received this dvd from Natural Journeys to review.

Today's Tip: Organics to Skip
Step into any health food store and you're likely to find an organic version of just about everything, including cotton candy. While it's true that organic "junk foods" are better for the planet, they generally aren't better for you. A six-pack of organic soda costs $5; yes, it's made without high fructose corn syrup, but each can contains 160 calories (20 more than a 12-ounce can of Coca-Cola Classic) and zero nutrients. Cutting back on sweets and nutritionally void extras altogether is the best way to get the most nutrition bang for your buck. More on Prevention here.

Today's LOLz:


  1. Aw, don't sweat the two pounds! It may well be water retention from the salty Cajun food. Well, that's my explanation...

    I'm thinking I may get Jackie's "Crunch Free X-treme Abs" to do after her "X-treme Timesaver Training". Then she can kick my butt for an entire hour!

  2. well I have been drinking a lot of water!

    I think you will really like Xtreme Abs- its pretty unique & pretty tough.