Friday, December 10, 2010

Denise Austin Shrink Your Fat Zones Pilates Review

Shrink Your Fat Zones Pilates
Denise Austin, 2010

This dvd has three 15 minute zone specific (upper body, lower body, and core) pilates-esque routines on it. The dvd allows you to mix & match or select an individual workout. Denise works out in an open space with wood floors & multicolored window type panels with 4 background exercisers. You will need a towel (or stretchy band) and dumbbells for this workout.

Zone 1 Abs & Core: This routine utilizes a towel (I used a stretchy band) to vary the intensity of the moves. or support the neck, or to put between your knees to intensify the lower ab effect. I really liked the use of the towel & it definatly added variety and intensity to the work. Some of the moves include: C-curves, side bends, roll downs, toe dips, roll ups w/ torso twist, doulbe leg stretch pulling the towel over & under the legs, bicycle, can can (fun!), saw, lower abdominal crunches, straight leg drop variations, modified T-stand into a twist, knee to elbow pull on all 4's, plank with leg lifts, etc. Very enjoyable & effective-my favorite section.

Zone 2 Upper Body: This section uses light dumbbells (1-5 #s); I would consider it a flowing -light toning/pilates routine. Moves include bug w/ back fly, pilates stance & pliets w/ chest scoops, pliet w/ preacher curls, side lunge while circling your weights, pulsing chair pose w/ tricep kickback, side lunge w/ a row & torso twist, a flowing move that includes overhead tricep pres - kickbacks - and a soft lunge, renegade rows, pilates- type pushup variations, pec fly w/ leg extension, pec fly while bicycling the legs, and a reverse plank.

Zone 3 Buns & Thighs: This section requires no props and I would consider it a flowing- light toning/ pilates routine. Standing exercises include: pilates style lunge & side lunge to curtsy, torso twist, balancing stick, 1 legged squat w/ knee lift, & pliet. Floor work includes: donkey kicks while lying on your belly, single leg swings (lying on your side), inner thigh lift variations, & leg cirlces in modified T-stand.

I really like shorter, mix & match, or add on type pilates routines. It is rare that I would do a 60 minute pilates workout, so I am a big fan of the multiple shorter routines on 1 dvd. Denise is fairly mellow in this one and her cueing and form pointers are very good. I like this workout and will definately be using it often as an add on to other w/o's. I would rate this high beginner level. It is perfect for those of us who arent huge fans of pilates or for those looking for "not your typical pilates" routine.

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