Thursday, December 9, 2010

12.9.10: Natural Journey Yoga Slim Review & More :)

-Exercise TV Qucik & Incredible Abs
*total w/o time 60 min + stretch

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Today's Review: Natural Journey's Yoga Slim
PJ Johnson, 2007

This is a 50 minute yoga workout led by PJ Johnson. PJ works out w/ 2 background exercisers with a cloud backdrop and hardwood floors. One backgrounder shows beginner modifications. You will not need any props for this workout.

PJ says this workout combines yoga movements with balance and a focus on breath work. One of the sections was quite active- which I liked, got me nice and warm to start the workout. I didnt find this "your typical yoga worout" at all- there were NO sun salutations and I found it refreshing and different from anything else I have.

The warmup starts with a nice neck stretch (always welcome for my sensitive neck), shoulder shrugs, pliet w/ big arm movements and arm pulses, arm & hip circles. Then you move into the active portion of the warmup- walking forward with long strides into a knee up, balance extenstions, hip openers, a warrior variation sequence with plenty of arm work that I def felt in my UB, forward bends with twists, low lunge with a side stretch.

You then move onto the floor for core work and more. You start with full body circles on all fours, rocking planks, leg lifts, knee drops, butterfly pose ab work, and you finish in a relaxation pose.

PJ is a good instructor with a nice demeanor. I would rate this a low intermediate yoga workout that is really suitable for all fitness levels. I would def be interested in seeing more from PJ. Her cueing and form pointers were spot on and she was great with breath cues. I received this dvd from Natural Journeys to review.

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