Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Denise Austin Quick Burn Cardio Review

Today's Review: Quick Burn Cardio
Denise Austin, 2010

This dvd has two 20 minute workouts and a separate warm up and cooldown. You can mix and match or choose a workout. You will only need dumbbells for the 2nd w/o and nothing for the 1st. Denise works out with 6 b/g exercisers (one showing modifications) in a set with wood floors and lightly colored screens.

One workout is cardio intervals (Interval Training), and one is all strength work (Cardio Weight Training)-that really got and kept my heartrate up! I combined both 20 min w/o's for a great heartpumping 40 minute strength & cardio workout.

Interval Training: This is an all cardio workout. Denise starts off with a base move, increases the intensity, followed by a "quick burn" at the highest intensity. She finishes each interval with an active recovery core exercise- such as knee pulls, lunge w/ a torso twist, etc. (love that she used the recovery time to get in core work). Some of the moves includes: kick to floor touch, skaters, fast feet, burpees, twists, etc.

Cardio Weight Training: While this workout is actually entirely strength work she combines UB & LB work to really get AND keep your heartrate really up there! The format is similar to the cardio w/o in that she introduces a base move, adds in another element, followed by a "quick burn" at the highest intensity. Some of the moves include: kettlebell type swing w/ a knee pull and side leg lift, mt. climbers, hi plank into a T-stand, fencing lunge w/ bow & arrow arms, side lunge w/ a core "stir the pot" move, lunge while passing the dumbbell under your knee, chop to cross punch (really hitting the obliques), lunge w/ bicep curls, etc.

I would rate this a solid intermediate workout that is easy to modify up or down to suit your needs. Once you are familar with the cardio moves you can easily do the advanced move the whole time. Denises cueing is actually quite good in this one and she did a great job of making a unique workout with effective exercises. I really liked how much the strength routine got my heartrate up there. I really enjoyed this workout and will definately be using it often. Plenty of time options- 20- 50 minutes! I received a copy of this w/o to review.


  1. I recently tried this workout too. I kept second-guessing whether I was indeed doing a Denise Austin workout. Denise Austin? Renegade Rows? Really? I was shocked that I was dripping with sweat at the end of it too. It is definitely a keeper!


  2. I have to say that Denise Austin's voice drives me CRAZY! But her work out was kind of fun!

  3. haha Gianna-I know alot of people that arent fans of Denise LOL!