Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Suzanne Bowen's Gorgeous Core Review

Gorgeous Core
Suzanne Bowen, 2010

This is a 60 minute dvd that has six 5-12 minute segments on it. You can play all or select a workout. Suzanne works out alone on a lovely set with light wood floors & walls & long flowing curtains. You wont need any props for this w/o, thou
gh in 1 section Suzanne suggests you can use dumbbells if you want.

Long, Lean, and Strong: (12 min) This section contains pilates style core moves that get progressively more challening & really hits the obliques. Moves include: leg drops, single leg stretch, straight leg double leg stretch, a mermaid leg pose w/ an oblique twist, modified bridge, and some lower back work.

Classic Abwork: (12 min) This section includes crunches, pulsing crunches, arm reach arounds w/ shoulders lifted, bicycles, c-curve with tempo variations, reverse curls, and V sits.

Sleek Physique: (12 min) This is a nice (tough) plank series that will really work your core & I felt it in my UB as well- with all the plank variations. Moves include: high plank , high plank with knee pulls, high plank w/ knee twists, plank w/ leg lifts, plank w/ chest drops, horizonal shifting planks, T-stands from side to side, side plank w/ twist & overhead pull. This was my favorite section!

Metabolism Bootcamp: (12 min) This is actually not a core specific workout- your core will feel it in many of the moves but I would consider this a total body strenght/ pilates workout. Some of the moves include: Full form pliets and pliet variations, hip shifts, rib shifts, pliet hops, skater hops (with optional weights), lunge-kick- squat combo, Mt. climbers, low hover, push up variations, and she does a good job of adding in arm movements to get the heart rate going.

Absolute Challenge: (7 min) This section is pilates inspired & moves include c-curve, isometric holds, long arm crunches, single leg stretch, V sit variations, and plank w/ knee dips.

Total Core Fast Blast: (5 min) This is a quick little ab burner; moves include plank w/ arm lifts and rotation, standing c-curve, ab reaches, and one legged bridge. I enjoyed this section quite a bit.

The dvd offers a great variety of different types of core workouts- with a nice variety of time options, all the way up to 60 minutes- which would be one tough core w/o IMO. I really liked Suzanne- semi-serious demeanor, great cueing & form pointers and always shows modifications; I look forward to more w/o's from her. A lot of the work is pilates inspired and some doesnt allow you to support your neck w/ your hands. I would rate this a solid intermediate core workout. I received this dvd from Anchor Bay to review

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