Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Doce Vida Fitness: 30% Off Discount Code!

As you know, I am always on the look out for bargains & giveaways for my blog readers. Well I received an awesome discount code from Doce Vida Fitness to share with you. Use code "FitForUs" at checkout and get THIRTY PERCENT off your purchases! I know where I am doing my Christmas shopping- they have SUPER cute, stylish exercise apparel that I can not wait to try out! The code expires on 12.31.10, don't miss out!

Doce Vida uses a special moisture wicking, extra stretchy fabric for optimal comfort and fit. Their clothing may look small on the rack but trust them, it fits. . . thanks to their 4-way 12% stretch fabric it stretches to fit you perfectly, instantly slims, holds you in, increases efficiency of movement & their 4-way stretch gusset construction eliminates 'camel toe'

Why Doce Vida clothing rocks:
* Reduces muscle vibration and fatigue
* Super moisture wicking
* Moves with your body
* Ultra-soft
* Does not fade or lose elasticity
* Superior comfort and fit
* High-quality construction that lasts
* Their fabric has technical qualities which helps your workout be more efficient
* Their 4-way 12% stretch instantly slims you so it's comfortable to wear all day

You can check them out on facebook and twitter too :)

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