Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jazzercise Dancin' Abs Review

Jazzercise Dancin' Abs 
Shanna Missett Nelson, Young McCarthy, 2009

This is a 60 minute core and dancey aerobics workout. Shanna & Young workout side by side w/ 4 b/g'ers working out behind them. Everyone is on raised platforms and there are some blue/purple/reddish lights going on in the background. It has, of course, a very jazzercise feel to it- so while its dancy, its not difficult choreo and has a great high-energy class feel to it. You wont need any props for this workout and the dvd has a 30 minute premix version included.

This workout is loads of fun and really really hits the core while "dancing" and getting your heartrate up the whole time. None of the moves were hard to follow or overly dancy. They do a superb job of adding core work into traditional cardio moves and vice versa. For example you do a toe tap (cardio) but add in a pelvic tuck or standing crunch to hit your core. Brilliant! They also add in various arm movements that add to the cardio and the core effect. This workout was fast paced and you never stop moving!

Some of the moves include: hip shifts with arm movements, side heel taps w/ an oblique squeeze, cross heel taps, step ball change, triple steps, high knees, pelvic pushes, knee pulls while pulling your arms across your body, pliet with torso twist, front toe taps with a standing crunch, and the likes thereof.

I would rate this a solid intermediate workout. This was my first experience with anything Jazzercise and I am impressed and can not wait to try another dvd from them- or a live class would be a blast. The cueing on this workout was great and I liked both instructors but Young was my fav- her moves were more straight forward (though none were difficult to catch onto) and I just enjoyed her personality in general. Great high energy, fast moving workout that is an awesome alternative to boring floor core work. I received a copy of this dvd from Jazzercise to review.


  1. Hey Lindsey,

    I always love seeing photos of your craft projects but what happened to the cakes?!! LOL. JK. The Jazzercise workout looks like a lot of fun. I'll have to look into it. Thanks for the awesome review!


  2. I know LOL, I go through phases w/ cakes & crafts. Also trying to lose a few lbs sways me out of baking alot. And Ive been rather lazy :) hoping to do a few soon though...

  3. I absolutely loved Dancin Abs and need to revisit it on my new bungee!

  4. Congrats on the 2 lbs! Dancin Abs sounds interesting. I'll put it on my list of dvds for the new year.


  5. Every lb counts - especially this time of year! Glad you lost one. Nice cards BTW! And good review of Dancin' Abs.

  6. All of you that want to try Dancin' Abs should go to and find a class near you. Jazzercise regular classes have tons of core work in them too!!

  7. Thank you all! And I really do want to try a live class. Sounds like tons of fun!

  8. great review lindsey; my favorite jazzercise dvd is just called "Core" - great routines, cueing, music, and, like you say, personality - my wife & i (she's jazzercised a couple of decades) really feel & like the 20 & 30 minute workouts especially; take care ;-)