Friday, February 11, 2011

EasySculpt Review

Today's Review: EasySculpt and DVD Set
Jen Galardi, 2010

The EasySculpt is a fitness device that is used to ensure proper alignment while doing ab and lower body floor work. You can use it to cradle your head, between your knees, in your hands, between the legs, and other positions for your floor work.

The dvds that come with the EasySculpt are led by Jennifer Galardi (a favorite of mine!) and have 2 background exercisers working out in a super cute apartment/ studio gym look. Both exercisers show varying modifications. You wont need any other equipment for these workouts. The name of each move comes up on the screen before you perform it.

EasySculpt for Quick Core: (10 min) The pace is good in this workout- Jen really fits a lot of core work into the ten minutes. Moves include: super ab crunch, side leg crunch, scissor, curl w/ double leg crunch, double leg lift, oblique twists, lying on your side- toe taps to hit that waist, flutter kicks, and double side leg lifts. Enjoyable workout, using the EasySculpt adds a unique twist to all the work.

EasySculpt for Abs, Hips, & Thighs: (10 min) This is a nice pilates inspired lower body workout with some core work in there. Moves include: leg circles, straight leg kicks, straight leg high kicks, pilates bike kicks, oblique twist, leg clams, inner thigh leg lifts, outer thigh lifts, roll down, hip bridges, hip circles, and hip bridge squeezes. Jens pace is good and I enjoyed the routine.

Jen does a great job of utilizing the EasySculpt in all the exercises and using it in a variety of different ways. While I dont think this the EasySculpt is a fitness must have- the dvds are solid and the price is good ($24.99 for the EasySculpt and 2 dvds). If you have space and/or are a fan of Jen Galardi, you would definitely benefit from the set. I would rate these workouts intermediates but are easily modified up or down and therefore suitable for all fitness levels. Jen does a great job of cuing,  offering form pointers, and explaining the benefits of using the EasySculpt. I received the EasySculpt & dvds to review.


  1. I know I should do pilates. It is so good for you, but I find it uncomfortable and not fun at all. I may just have to buck up on that one though. Love the cake!

  2. ah thanks!!!! I am also not a fan of yoga or pilates. I make myself do them from time to time because like you said- its good for us. I know my balance & flexibility arent the best & yoga/pilates is supposed to help. I like the 10 minute solutions ones because then I can add 10 min onto another w/o and still say I did my pilates :)