Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review: Top Trainers: Latin Sensations

Today's Review: Top Trainers: Latin Sensations
Susan Tuttle, 2010

This dvd has two 25ish minute Latin dance workouts on it. The menu also offers an intro & a c/d that you can play all or select a workout. Susan works out w/ 5 b/g exercisers in a cool set w/ a nice sunset painted background. One b/ger shows beginner modifications. You will not need any props for this workout. The music is Latin themed and nice & upbeat. Each song has its own little dance routine so there is very little TIFTing.

Workout 1: Moves include- V step w/ hip shakes, shuffle step w/ arm rolls, shimmy, hoola hoop, merenge, mambo chacha, circle step, hip shakes, kick ball change, tango, etc.

Workout 2: This workout incorporates the core into your dance moves. Moves include: knee pulls, ham curls, V steps, pivot, travel salsa, torso twist, twist & step, mambo triple step, twist & knee pull, double fist pump w/ a cardio lunge, hop out, hip & heel-toe, single & double hip shifts, etc.

I would rate these w/o's beginner in intensity and maybe high beginner in complexity- I had no trouble catching onto the moves. I wore my weighted gloves & belt to up the intensity and enjoyed myself. Susan is a great lead- she has an upbeat personality and her cuing was spot on! I would recommend this dvd for beginners or to anyone who likes to dance to use for a lower key workout. I had fun "shaking it" with Susan and crew!


  1. "Polish your rump" - Bwah-hah-hah! There's a good reason why my hubby is *banned* from my workout room!

  2. well you know- there is a lock on my door!