Thursday, February 24, 2011

Supreme 90 Day Review: Back & Bi's

Supreme 90 Day:  Back & Bi's
Tom Holland, 2010

Tom leads this 50 min workout with 3 b/gers in a "lifting gym" type set. You will need dumbbells and a stability ball (though no equipment modifications are shown). Tom acts as a PT and one b/g'er shows modifications. Though the focus of this dvd is back (upper & lower) and bi's- there is a nice core circuit includes too. The dvd is chaptered (warmup and workout) and has a music only option.

This workout is structured so you do 3 exercises and then repeat those 3 times. The warmup is the same on all the strength dvds (guessing here, have only done 2 strengths). Different from the others Ive tried- before each circuit a demo clip of each move is shown so you know what exercises you will be doing.

The 1st circuit is core focused: ball bridge, side plank & sit up twist. Back & Bi exercises include: alternating arm pullover on ball, renegade (plank) rows, curl variations, good morning w/ prone press, diagonal pull on the ball, rotating bi curls, reverse hyperextensions on the ball, bent row, concentration curls, deadlift row, single arm row, and diagonal bi curls.

This dvd is really suitable for most levels depending on the poundage and # of reps you do. I heavied up as much as possible & did the full 12 reps of each move and really got a kickbutt strength workout. Tom emphasizes doing what you can do in the time alloted. Love: Tom uses real life examples of why we all need strength training, emphaizes heavying up, and that women should heavy up too. Tom is a great lead, good cuing and includes a lot of variations to really hit the muscles in different ways. Received this dvd to review.


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  2. Sounds like another great workout set.

  3. I really like how this workout is suitable for most levels of exercisers depending on the poundage used and number of reps.

  4. I need to work on the back fat area so this is a winner!