Friday, February 25, 2011

2.25.10: Q&A Session With Fitness Professional Bernadette Giorgi

I had the WONDERFUL opportunity to "interview" Bernadette Giorgi - who is a certified Pilates Instructor, teacher trainer, and the star of a Pilates video series that includes her best selling "Attitude Ballet Pilates Fusion." AND she has maintained an EIGHTY lb weight loss- can't get more inspiring than that! Her answers are in purple below.

Bernadette is the creator of the just b method, Pilates & Movement Arts. Moving away from intense drill centered workouts; Giorgi's "just b method" uses the ease of movement found in Pilates to motivate her clients toward healthier lifestyle choices. Pilates invigorates the body by drawing from a range of "mind/body" disciplines that offer a workout to heighten body awareness.

Q: You've maintained a substantial weight loss- how do you keep the motivation every day to continue on your healthy living journey and not go back to "old habits"
A: My approach is "Its a new day" If I get off track by not exercising or eating properly today, I do not continue tomorrow. I tell myself,"Today is a new day, new beginning, new clean white page - I don't use exercise as punishment or restrictive eating. I do exercise daily & count calories, watch fat & carb intake

Q:. What is your current 'go to' workout routine:? 
A: I really mix it up. Since we've experienced so much snow, I'm not getting outside to do my power walks, so I've been on my rebounder for my cardio! Having a blast! Of course I do Pilates with light weights or Reformer everyday

Q: What is good about interval training? I've been hearing a lot about it lately, what are the benefits. 
A: Interval training is a great way to keep your body & mind "engaged" I love to "mix it up" in all of my classes and in my own personal workout.

Q:. Any tips on staying on track with our diet and exercise programs?
A: I think most people allow themselves to go on a downward spiral. If they "cheated" at lunch they continue at dinner, etc. First, theres no such thing as cheating. If you want a cookie, have 1, not 10. If you know you can't control yourself or have the impulse to eat the entire bag, buy the single serving "100 calorie" packs. They are more expensive but at least you had your "treat" and its counted out. I am fortunate that I LOVE greens & raw veggies so the eating is under control. I do a lot of "talking to myself" or mindful eating. I notice how great I feel after a kale & grilled tuna salad or an apple with sunflower butter. I LOVE French fries or chips but notice how bloated I feel etc   

Q: What is your favorite healthy snack? 
A: My favorite snack to get me thru the day is an apple with either low fat baby bella cheese. My favorite "treat" is a dark chocolate square or mini York peppermint patty ONE! ;) 

Q: What is the best piece of health or fitness advice you can offer?
A: I think to have fun. When I started on this journey, I didn't want to "workout" I didn't feel comfortable at the gym & did like the machines. I remembered how much I love to dance - so I grabbed some weights & gave myself a ballet class. I had fun. Same with eating. Experiment & do what feels good. By taking care of your body, your body will take care you of you. Better Body Better Life ...

Q: How do you make time to fit your workouts in?
A: Believe it or not, this is really difficult for me. Teaching anywhere from 7-13 hours a day is not working out - its work! I cardio 20 minutes at a time. Its a different time everyday. What has helped me is plan my day the night before or early in the morning. I actually make a list & schedule my workout in. As women we schedule everything else for everyone else. Put YOU on your schedule - don't try to "squeeze" you in. This really works ... 

Thank you so much Bernadette for sharing your insights! 
For more info on Bernadette and the Just b Method check out her:


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