Saturday, March 19, 2011

COREgym Review

I recently had the opportunity to try the  COREgym. Its a cool stabilizing tool that is meant to enhance all your exercises and add extra stability.  For example, when you put your hands into the strap about shoulder width apart, extend arms and press out into the strap. Then, do a squat and notice how much more stable you are with your hands in the strap compared to without.   It comes with fully adjustable tubing that attaches to the strap for your strength work. I have also used the strap alone as a yoga strap and the tubing with the strap to amp up my pilates workouts. They also offer a variety of dvds and other fitness accessories to use with your COREgym. I am very interested in their COREgym Bootcamp kit! It's on my wishlist!

COREGym Success in 8

"Eight - 8 minute workouts." Each segment is 10-13 minutes and most do each exercise for 1 minute each and then move on to another exercise. You can select your workout or play all. The segments are led by a variety of instructors & are all set in a beautiful outdoor beach/ palm tree setting with 2 background exercisers. You will need your COREgym strap and tubing for these workouts.

Cardio Core: You will need your COREgym strap for this 11 min core/cardio w/o. Exercises include jacks, Mt. climbers, curtsy dip -chop, plank knee pulls, etc. 

High Octane: You use your COREgym strap on the floor as a guide for this 10 min high intensity cardio w/o.  Exercises include: high knee runs, slalom forward-hop back, cross jacks forward -hop back,  skiing jacks, burpees, punches, etc.

Pilates: You will need your COREgym strap for this 11 min w/o. Exercises include: pilates roll ups, seated twist, seated 1/2 moon, swan, spine swimmers, rolling like a ball, etc.

Yoga PowerYou will need your COREgym strap for this 11 min w/o. Exercises include1/2 moon, triangle, tree pose, dancer using the strap, balancing stick, sun salutation series w/ pushups, etc.  

Ultimate AbsYou will need your COREgym strap. Exercises include: crunch, oblique twists and bike using the strap to support your neck. Teaser, oblique toe taps, v sit toe taps, etc.

CoreMax 1You will need your COREgym strap & tubing for this 11 min of core focused floor work. Pilates inspired exercises include bridge-bicep curls, roll down, V sit -arm circles, roll back- tri extensions, pilates roll ups, etc. 

CoreMax 2You will need your COREgym strap & tubing for this 13 min core focused workout. Pilates inspired floor exercises include leg drops, scissors, leg circles, table knee pulls, table leg circles, side plank, and lying leg lifts.

Awesome Arms & CoreYou will need you COREgym strap & tubing for this 10 min arms & abs w/o. Exercises include squat w/ bicep curl, punches, kneeling squat w/ shoulder raise, etc.

As a whole I would rate this an intermediate dvd, though the High Octane was a high intermediate/low advanced. You can easily vary the intensity of the workouts by using the heavy resistance COREgym tubing, and/or by adjusting the tubing. I like the leads for these workouts (Ginger, another female, and buff male) and found all the routines easy to follow along to. I think dvd is very good for travel and for those w/ limited space options. Lots of variety of exercises & time options- this is my favorite of the dvds I reviewed- very enjoyable!!!

COREgym EX: Total Body Sculpting
Ginger Schimer, PhD, RD, 2009

This is a 40 minute pilates inspired strength workout. Ginger leads in a cute living room type set with no background exercisers. You will need your COREgym strap & tubing for this workout-which def ups the intensity of the exercises. It is voiceover & has audio options from the main menu.

You begin with breath work and prone spinal work then move into some seated/lying exercises: bicycle, roll downs with bicep curls, roll down -oblique twists, push back & chest press. Next is a pilates leg series including toe taps, frogs, leg circles, and leg drops. She finishes with a standing series that includes: bicep curls, lunge -overhead press, chest scoops, torso twist & rows.

I would rate this a lower intermediate workout that can be made more or less challenging by adjusting the straps. Ginger does a job of utilizing the COREgym in the most effective positions for all the moves (feet in strap or feet in handles, etc.) You can tell she is very knowledgeable and provides plenty of form pointers & instruction. She has a lot of information to share so she does speak fairly quickly at times, but I would not say she was overly chatty at all.

CoreGym Latin Groove
Sergey Korshuwov & Michelle Hafle, 2009

This is a 32 minute Latin dance workout that utilizes the COREgym strap to enhance your dance workout. Sergey & Michelle co-lead in a cute living room set (love the curtains!) with no background exercisers. You will only need the COREgym strap for this workout. I added my weighted belt to up the intensity a bit.

The dvd consists of a warmup, merenga, samba, salsa, samba II, merenge II, and a cooldown. Between each segment a screen comes up announcing the next section. While dancing (merenge, salsa, and samba) you place the strap on your hands to provide more stability and to keep proper alignment in all your dance moves.

I would rate this is a high beginner workout in terms of cardio intensity and choreography. The moves were easy to catch onto and both leads provided good cuing pointers. I think both leads were a bit nervous on camera. Good for light days and/or fans of Latin dancing.

I received this kit to review. For more info, video clips, and package options check out Ginger's COREgym website


  1. Never heard of it, but very, VERY COOL!!!! I like this kinda stuff and will look into it. Thanks for the review!

  2. I read about it in a pilates magazine and it sounded really cool so I had to check it out!