Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ellen Barret Fusion Flow Review

Today's Review: Fusion Flow
Ellen Barrett, 2009 

This is a 45 minute "seamless yoga, calisthenics, and meditative breathing" workout led by Ellen in a nice open ballet studio type set. Ellen works out with two background exercisers, one showing beginner modifications. You wont need any equipment for this workout. The dvd flows from section to section & not broken into segments but is well chaptered into:

Half Moon Stretch: Exercises include- pliet series with plenty of variations and arm circles, static pliets, and 1/2 moons. Some of the work in this section will raise your heart rate.

Rib Cage Reach Series: Exercises include - rib cage zig zags, side shifts w/ airplane arms, pliet- lunge (a burst), and turnings squat w/ arm cirlces. This section focuses on strengthening while stretching.

Dancer Lunge Series: Exercises include - lunge/ kick, pendulum leg & arm swings (balance), punches, backstroke, cobra plank/ pushups, shifting childs pose, etc. Include a good mix of standing & seated strengthening stretches.

Seated Side: Moves include - seated pretzel, side plank modifications w/ stretching, mermaid diamond pushups, mermaid one arm pushups, and windmill. Great oblique work!

Finishing Mat Work: Exercises include V knee drops, V leg extensions, and thigh butterfly flutters. This section hits the core & acts as the cooldown stretch.

I rate this a solid beginner workout that is really suitable for all fitness levels. This is a great workout for days when you want a light or no equipment toning workout that includes plenty of strengthening stretches. Its perfect for those days when you are still sore from your last toning w/o but its a yet again a strength day. Ellen is a fantastic lead and provides excellent cuing & form advice. I received this dvd to review.

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