Thursday, May 19, 2011

David Kirsch's Abs & Arms Book Review

David Kirsch Wellness CoDavid Kirsch is founder and owner of the Madison Square Club, celebrated for its custom-designed fitness training and nutritional counseling. Members such as Heidi Klum, Liv Tyler, and Faith Hill have all benefited from his dedication to balanced living and spiritual wellness. Since his 20's  David has immersed himself in the study of health and nutrition, and started to forge his own path in the world of personal training and gourmet food management. After five years as a litigator and general practitioner, David quit it all to follow his true calling: Teaching and inspiring others to reach their full physical and mental potential. Two Belles Fitness had the opportunity to review two of David Kirsch's books! Abs & Arms review below: 

Abs and Arms Review:
Following David’s nutrition guide and his fun animated instruction presented in his Abs & Arms book you can get those awesome arms & flat abs you have always wanted! In David's twenty years of training, he’s staked his reputation on these foolproof techniques for toning arms and smoothing abs. The only equipment you will need for the routines he presents are dumbbells, an optional medicine ball, and a stability ball! 

This fully illustrated book is fantastic for all fitness levels- whether you are just starting your fitness journey or a seasoned exerciser looking for some motivation. David's outlook is fresh and realistic and he tells you step by step how to get those sexy Abs & Arms you want. The book is not overly complicated making it a great read- he gets right to the point and gives you all the information you need along with (very cute) illustrations demonstrating the exercises and driving home his points. David really tells you how to achieve your goals and gives honest advice including information on healthy eating. David also busts some common exercise & health myths in this wonderful fitness book.

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Disclaimer: Two Belles was provided with the David Kirsch books to review. We received no other compensation and were under no obligation to review it if we so chose. Nor were we under obligation to provide a positive review in return for the free workout. Retail value is $12.95.

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