Friday, May 20, 2011

JB Berns' DO IT or AGE QUICKLY Book Review

Review: DO IT or AGE QUICKLY: 60 Second Practices to Live Better, Stronger and Longer, JB Berns

Written by JB Berns creator of the Urban Rebounding exercise system is available as a paperback or hard cover details simple 60 second practices that to help you Live Better, Stronger and Longer.  JB includes 21 simple techniques to care for your mind and body. All of the practices are simple and easy - most require very little equipment or extras and all are great additions to your healthy lifestyle. 

JB's writing style is straight forward and precise. He provides a ton of great information in a clear & precise manner. Many of the chapters include diagrams and other resources to help you understand the point of the chapter. He also provides additional resources or retail sources for many of the products he suggests. He clearly explains how to implement his practices- and who doesnt have a few spare minutes a day to add in some health & wellness into our days. 

Some of the techniques include hair preservation routine for men, natural toothpaste that whitens teeth and doesn’t strip away your enamel, herbal tea that energizes and bolsters your immune system, facial creams that are better than anything on the market that heal and preserve your skin, stress and fear-reducing methods, a consumption routine that streamlines digestion and brings about effortless weight-loss, and stretches and exercises that take only 60 seconds each.  In fact, the beauty of this book, as you can probably tell from the title, is that each of my 21 recommendations takes only 60 seconds each! 

One of my favorite chapters was of course the rebounding chapter which explains in detail the benefits of rebounding to the heart, lungs, lymph nodes, eyes, and more. And I also really enjoyed the chapter on the benefits of wheat grass. I used to add wheat grass to my smoothies but have gotten away from that practice as I can no longer find it at my local store. I am now on a mission to find some wheat grass- fresh or in powder form to add to my diet. I really enjoyed this book and the fresh ideas that JB presents for quick 60 second healthy techniques we can all add in to our days. I received this book to review.

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