Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Snippets

BREATHE: The Perfect Harmony of Breathing
This Yoga Breathing DVD is led by Fabio Andrico & Yamila Diaz, and was released in 2011. This 120 minute workout provides simple but effective exercises that deepen and clarify the experience of Yantra Yoga and breathing. These exercises were developed by Fabio and combine yoga positions and movements with conscious breathing. The unique breathing techniques found in this video can help coordinate and harmonize energy to relax and find balance. Program highlights include discovering and training abdominal breathing, innovative 4 stage breathing exercises, easy to follow routines, and breathing awareness and relaxation. Find out more about this dvd on the Yantra Yoga website.

Flabs 2 Abs: 30 Day Body Transformation
This dvd was created by brothers Craig & Matt Lewandowski and released in 2011. This new dvd tells the brothers take on the truth behind fat loss and includes a no-nonsense 30 day approach to losing weight. This is a 90 minute dvd that focuses on losing weight quickly, while remaining healthy & strong. The brothers show step by step how they each lost weight and transformed their bodies and their actual results are recorded in their weight loss quest to love over 25 pounds in 30 days. The brothers plan consists of 6 light walking workouts for cardio, optional dumbbell strength training, and of course an (included) nutrition plan. Find out more about the brothers & their plan on their Flabs 2 Abs website.

Belly Beautiful Workout Postnatal Fitness & Busy Mom Workout
Released in 2011, Patricia Friberg leads this 80 minute post natal workout. This is volume 2 in Patricia's Belly Beautiful series for new moms. Perfect for new moms looking to get back to their fitness routines & pre-baby bodies this workout fuses pilates, sculpting, cardio, and yoga. Workout segments include: Abdominal Rehabilitation, Baby & Me WOrkout, Busy Mom Boot Camp, Head to Toe Body Toning Workout, and Rejuvenation Stretch. Plenty of workout and time options to fit all your post natal exercise needs! Learn more about Patricia Friberg and her Belly Beautiful dvds on her Belly Beautiful website

Today's Tip: Beat Workout Boredom: Find a Workout Buddy
Become a groupie to automatically get a workout buddy or two. Walkers can find a local pack at, runners at, and swimmers at Or hook up with a virtual partner right here on our site to keep yourself motivated! Head to the message boards and start posting your interests to connect with like-minded exercisers in your area. Find a workout buddy here! Read more on the Fitness Magazine website.

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