Tuesday, May 24, 2011

URX-MT Review: URX-MT Metabolic Strength Cardio Interval

URX-MT Metabolic Strength Cardio Interval
Patrick Goudeau, 2011 

Patrick leads this 45 minute rebounding workout in a brick walled gym w/ 3 b/g exercisers. This workout is mostly cardio but includes a nice core section at the endYou will need 1-3 # sand weights- and your Urban Rebounder. 

Patrick doesnt use the sand weights a whole lot in this one but you could easily use them to amp up the intensity. You will be on and off your UR and have one foot off & one at times- I like the intensity push these types of exercises offer. Some of the moves will work your muscles but I found this to be mostly cardio.

Exercises Include: 180 jumps, hop on-off-and-over the UR, fast jog, knee pulls w/ 1 foot on the UR & one off, fast feet, step touch over the UR, single leg hop, tuck jumps, pulse & jump, star jumps, and core work includes: plank heel taps, plank side leg push through, plank knee pulls, plank jacks, hand walk arounds, feet on the UR planks, bicycles, V twists, plank to hi plank, and cat walks.

I would rate this a solid to high intermediate cardio workout. Patrick is a great lead and his cuing is right on. The core section is very unique and I def felt my core the next day. This is a great addition to the URX-MT set. Received this dvd to review. 

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