Thursday, May 26, 2011

Acacia: Shiva Rea AM Energy Review

Today's Review: Shiva Rea: A.M. Energy
Shiva Rea, 2011

This is a fully customizable 98 minute dvd that is broken down into six separate workouts ranging from 5-23 minutes each. Shiva performs this yoga practice alone in an open room that is draped in gold curtains- very cool! A.M. Energy is an Acacia Fitness release. You wont need any equipment for this workout. This dvd is done in voice over.

This is a very mind-body yoga workout that incorporates some breath work into your practice. There are a lot of rhythmic movements to generate energy & wake you up. The segments are: Meditation Core Awakening (5 min), Shavasana (6 min), Body Mandala 108 (23 min), Shakti Flow (20 min), Vira Flow (23 min), and includes a bonus Heart Salutation from Shiva’s Radiant Heart DVD (20 min). 

Exercises Include: free form dance, pliet pulses w/ big arm movements, single leg lunge, vinyasa, stretching, up and down dog, warrior, 3 legged dog, butterfly crunches, bride lifts, lunge pumps, reverse pushups, hip circles, breath work, standing spinal curve, chair pose, yoga pushups, side plank variations, corpse pose, chataranga, etc. 

I rate this a high intermediate yoga routine. This is a very versatile yoga dvd that is great to use as an add on to other workouts or you can combine segments for a longer yoga routine. Shiva is a great lead- obviously very knowledgeable and provides great cuing & form pointers. She uses the sanskrit term for most postures. I received this dvd to review. 

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