Thursday, June 30, 2011

24 Day Challenge SPECIAL FREEBIE Offer :)

Ordering from me ensures you will receive everything you need to succeed! A complete detailed meal plan, recipe book, detailed instructions and SUPPORT from me and my team! Don't regret ordering elsewhere and not knowing what to do when you receive your package. The meal plan & support that I, as a recognized Advocare distributor, provide really ensure your success on the program! My team has its own private Facebook page that offers support and answers to any questions, any time!
Advocare Special: 
I am placing another Advocare order on Tuesday- and am running a special- get a free bottle of Catalyst or box of Spark with your 24 Day Challenge bundle. Email me before Tuesday if you have any questions or need to order: lindseylu8 @ gmail . com.

My Advocare 24 Day Challenge Results: 
I recently finished my 24 days and am SOOOO excited with my results: 10.2 lbs and 9 inches LOST :) eeeeek-so excited! I am reposting this because I am placing an order on Tuesday and the Advocare special (free bottle of Catalyst or box of Spark with you 24 Day Challenge bundle) is going on so I wanted to share! Its been a week since I finished and I havent gained any of the weight back. Woot- my cravings for sugar have virtually disappeared. I didnt even have cake on my birthday yesterday!

Check out my before and after photos:

Here is my quick low down on the Challenge:
I have been getting some emails asking about my 24 Day Challenge so I thought Id share a bit of info on it along with my results. Feel free to email (lindseylu8 at gmail dot com) or comment here if you have any other questions. I am placing an order on Tuesday, July 5th so if you need anything let me know :) and/or want to score your free bottle of Catalyst.

Days 1-10 are the Herbal Cleanse- NOT what you think! no crazy run to the bathroom weird 'cleanse' AT ALL. NOT at all! I would not advocate that type of "cleanse" in any way. Basically the fiber drinks and probiotics help:
  • Support improved digestion 
  • Provides 10 grams of fiber per day
  • Supports healthy weight loss
  • Rid the body of toxins and waste
  • Helps remove impurities
Days 11-24 are the MNS days:
  • Provides more than 50 vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, antioxidants and other nutrients for optimal health and wellness when your body needs it in the correct amounts.
  • A comprehensive, scientifically advanced approach to weight management
  • Includes appetite suppressants, metabolic enhancers and thermogenic ingredients to improve metabolic efficiency
What I personally LOVE about the Challenge: 
  • Comes with a detailed meal plan that includes real whole foods that are quick & easy. Nothing fancy or expensive. Also comes with a nice big recipe book for meal ideas.
  • It's not some combo of strange "diet pills" (which I do not advocate). Its the correct amount of nutrition your body needs when it needs it- calcium, omegas, fiber, probiotics, etc...Nothing that will make you jittery or cause any strange side effects.
  • I wasn't hungry!!! I was eating real foods (3 meals, and 3 snacks per day) and I was satisfied. I wasnt craving the sugary treats like I normally do and was able to cut out a lot of the extra salt & sugar I had been consuming and I felt fabulous! 
  • Bottom line. I lost over 10 pounds and nine whole inches!

How I found about Advocare: 
My friends posted some amazing before and after pics on their Facebook page so I asked them for the low down. They (a married couple I met at the Firm infomercial) finished their 24 Day Challenge and both lost a significant amount of pounds & inches. So the more I learned, the more I wanted to try it for myself. I ended up signing up for the distributor discount after my first order of Spark because DH & I both loved it so much! (I am completely off coffee now- WOW. You know Im from Seattle so that really says A LOT!) Love the Mandarin, Cherry, & the Citrus Spark. (Spark is a sugar free energy drink full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that provides healthy, balanced energy).

So I am so ecstatic with my results! So happy to be off coffee and DH is off Energy drinks- I am placing my next order on Tuesday at 7pm so email me if you need anything lindseylu8 @ gmail . com or want to take advantage of this special!


  1. Looking good Lindsey - congrats on your results!

    I admire you for giving up coffee - I don't think I could ever do it, energy drink or no energy drink.

  2. yes coffee is a tough one for me - I LOVE me some good coffee LOL but I know its not good for me and have been trying to cut it out for years w/ no success...soooooo farewell my coffee love ;) hehe

  3. great job you look wonderful.