Tuesday, June 14, 2011

URX-MT Review: Metabolic Cardio and Yogic Intervals Review

 URX-MT: Metabolic Cardio and Yogic Intervals Review
Greg Sims, 2011

Greg leads this 51 minute rebounding workout in a brick walled gym w/ 4 b/g exercisers (one being Gay Gasper-his wife?). This workout is both cardio & strength and IMO contains more strength work than any of the URX w/o's Ive done so far. You will need 1-3 # sand weights and your Urban Rebounder. 

This workout is sequenced to get your heartrate up there-keep it up for a good length of time and then bring it back down with a static yoga pose that really hits your muscles.  Greg includes lots of repetitions of the exercises -working your muscles even with the light weights. So the sets are fairly long but Greg adds tempo changes & exercise variations to keep it interesting.

Exercises include: pushup variations (hands on UR, plyo pushups, traveling pushups w/ 1 arm on floor and 1 on UR), static punches, punch & knee combo, pliets to static pliets while curling the UR & rowing the UR, shoulder raise variations, X raises, yoga side angle lunge, weighted deadlift to explosive jumps, rows, weighted side knee pulls, static squat w/ weighted rapid fire punches, static warrior, 180 chair pose jumps, side angle pose w/ a standing crunch, and pulsing warrior.

I rate this an advanced workout.  I like Greg- good pointers & cuing. Really en joyed the format and found it to be an effective workout. The static yoga poses added to the muscle burn! The backgrounds are really having a good time in this one and you can tell they are all friends. Though by the end I found Gay/ other backgrounders almost distracting- but not enough to bother me. I like the format of this workout and found it unique from the others in the set. I received this dvd to review. 


  1. I have not done this workout yet. I really, really, really like Greg Sims, though. I need to get with the program and do this. Are Greg and Gay married? I figured they were just really good friends. ???

  2. Im not sure??? Im guessing they are married or together but have no idea. I also really like Greg! Both his w/o's were good. I did not care for either of Gays- seemed like "nothing special" while the others in this set were very fun/ unique IMO. I totally <3 this set though :)