Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Keratin Complex Review, 24 Day Challenge Update...Among Other Things

Keratin Complex: I had the Keratin Complex done on/ to my hair last week and thought I would share my experience with you all since I have gotten a few questions...Its a temporary hair straightening. Ive been wanting to do it since 2008 and finally got around to it...

From what I know (I'm no expert) Keratin Complex is a temporary hair straightening product. It doesnt harm your hair and smells yummy- not chemically at all. It actually smelled tropical. The stylist puts it on your hair, then puts a cap on you. You wait 30 minutes with the cap on. Then the stylist blow drys and flat irons your hair. You cant get it wet or sweat for 3 days (wahhh- I had to do no-sweat w/o's for 3 whole days). Then on the 4th morning I washed it with some special Keratin shampoo- which I got at Sally's for $6.50, the conditioner was the same price and they had a buy 2 get 1 free sale so I got the hair mask for free :) Yippee!


I paid: $150
Time at Salon:  Approximately 60-90 min
Will Last: 3-4 months UPDATE: It only lasted about a month- so def not worth the cost :(
My Vote: For me right now- def worth it! My hair is ridiculously soft and silky now. SUPER easy to manage- I can actually run my fingers through my hair now. I don't have to use very many products in my hair now. I don't have to iron & blow dry it which is bad for my hair. But if I do want to flat iron it- it will take a fraction of the time. It looks way better now than it did curly at this length (think cocker spaniel). It got tangled so easily curly and now not at all. So overall I'm very happy with it! Will I spend $150 on it every 3-4 months- no. I did see a version of it at Sally's which I may look into later. So while its not "straight' it obviously straighter (air dried, no blow dryer, no flat iron. Just a little oil & lotion):


So what do you think? UPDATE: It only lasted about a month- so def not worth the cost :(

Update On My 24 Day Challenge: Day 17: Nine lbs lost....Oh and last weekend at the salon a lady said "Wow, you have amazing arms! Do you work out?" That was probably the best compliment I could have gotten. Yay....

Today's Bargain: Win courtesy of Fitness Favorites: Firm Classic Volume 2 with Janet Jones Gretzky on Two Belles Fitness!

Today's Tip: Healthy Drink- Hemp Milk
110 calories & 7 g. fat per 8 ounces.. Good choice if: You're iron deficient. Made by blending hemp seeds and water, groovy hemp milk is rich and creamy with an unmistakable nutty flavor. This drink has more superstar omega-3 fatty acids than other non-dairy milks, and it's a great source of iron, which is totally absent in cow milk. Pennsylvania State University scientists found that iron deficiency can impair cognitive functioning in women—no surprise, since it's necessary for delivering oxygen to brain cells. Choose unsweetened hemp milk to avoid too many added sugars. Read more on Shape. 

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  1. Your hair is def straighter. I just worry what those chemicals are actually doing. Having curly hair myself I appreciate the "review."

  2. Ive been wanting to try this since 2008 LOL so I figured Id share the info for the curlies out there....the keratin isnt the blowout- thats the one with the formaldehyde....but yes I dont know the details of the chemicals. When I met Allie from the Firm she said it wasnt bad for you hair but I need to research more. She owns a salon in SC :)

  3. You look great, Lindsey, and WTG on the 9 lb. I am envious - always struggling with 5-10 lb, I lose it, I gain it, I lose it, I gain it.

  4. Thanks FK!!!!!! I have been clinging to this 10 lbs for EVER!!!!!!!!!

  5. You are so rocking that challenge! And don't you love when someone notices the effects of all your hard work? You *earned* that compliment. :-)

  6. ahhh thank you Diana! What a great way to look at it :) Im going to keep that in mind