Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jazzercise Core Review

Review: Jazzercise Core
Judy Sheppard Missett, 2009

This dvd offers a ton of variety and includes a 60 minute core cardio workout, a 30 minute premix version and a bonus floor and standing core section! Judy alternates leading this fun core cardio workout with the 2 background exercisers- all do a great job and offer unique routines!An optional exercise ball is required for the floor cardio w/o but a modifer shows the exercises done on the floor.

 Great music and great energy make this a fantastic way to get both cardio & core workout done in a variety of time options to fit your day! All three instructors keep this workout fun and upbeat and really offer a live class feel! Exercises include: football shuffles, cardio lunge & punch, punch & kick combos, shimmy, jacks, shuffle, knee pulls, rocking horse, hip shifts, pelvic thrusts, and hip isolations. The instructors do a great job of adding in core targeted moves to fun cardio exercises. This workout is fast paced and really keeps you moving without being complicated or hard to follow.

I rate this an intermediate workout that is suitable for all fitness levels. The instructors offer modifications for all the high impact moves. I love core + cardio workouts- why not burn some calories while hitting those abs? This workout is so much more fun and effective that boring crunches. The variety of exercises keep you moving and hit all the core muscles in a new & effective way! So many time and w/o varieties are offered on this dvd making it great as a stand alone workout or to add on to other workouts!


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