Wednesday, July 20, 2011

PeakFit Challenge Review: Dynamic Flexibility Review

PeakFit Challenge Dynamic Flexibility
Michelle Dozois, 2011

This is a 30 minute athletic stretch & athletic yoga workout. Michelle leads with a group of exercisers in a large white & hardwood room. You will need your PeakFit Band for this workout. This is the active recovery dvd included in the set. The workout is intended to increase balance, strength, & flexibility and includes flowing standing sequences and floor stretches.

Exercises include: a sun breath series (a faster paced athletic sun salutation series), low sumo w/ a stretch, torso rotations, chair squats w/ big arms, yoga lunges, flowing curtsy, pulsing side lunges, hip rotations, a nice warrior sequence, plank pikes, and lower body stretches using the band on the floor.

This workout is suitable for all fitness levels- everything was straight forward- no complicated poses or super stretchy stretches. This is pretty athletic in nature but does include some nicely paced yoga-esque poses. Perfect for those of us that want to get in more yoga but arent huge yogi's. Michelle does a great job of stretching the muscles with flowing dynamic sequences.


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  2. I'm loving the Peak fit system, thanks for reviewing it. I think I'm getting good results from it. Any ideas on a rotation I should do when I finish Peak Fit? I'm on week 5.

  3. Im enjoying it too. I really like Michelle & she did a very good w/ the sequencing in these dvds- tough but doable.....I am floundering in a rotation right now too....Im doing Firm Express for strength & URX for cardio as my knee is not cooperating w/ me right now....Ive been itching to do a Barrys Bootcamp 5 Day Academy rotation, but that is usually just a 1-2 week stint for me...let me know what you decide on :) maybe it will give me a good idea!