Sunday, July 24, 2011

Simply Sugar & Gluten Free Cookbook & 7 Weeks to 50 Pull-Ups Book Reviews

I am thrilled to present a fabulous cookbook I have had the opportunity to review: "Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free" written by Amy Green. I am a huge fans of her blog, so when I found out she published a cookbook - I knew I had to share!

Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free contains over 180 recipes, 140 of which have never been published on her blog. This is the perfect cookbook for those suffering from Celiac disease or those looking to cut down on their gluten consumption. And we can all benefit from reducing our gluten intake and of course our refined sugar intake. I am shocked at how much sugar sneaks into my day. Using the delicious and healthy recipes in this fabulout book we can all start eating better, living healthier, and enjoying delicious home made meals. Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert recipes for all occasions!

Each recipe includes a “Quick Tip” and many recipes contain options for making recipes dairy-free-which is a huge help for those of looking to cut out or cut down on our dairy consumption (me!). The book includes plenty of vegan options!

For more info read my full review on Two Belles Fitness and visit:
Amy's Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free website
Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free on Facebook
The Ulysses Press website

7 Weeks to 50 Pull-Ups Review:As we move further along our fitness paths, we meet a goal or conquer a challenge. In order to continue to progress, it is important to set new goals and aspire to new challenges. When it comes to my personal fitness routine, I love to follow rotations because they help me to stay accountable when I have a set plan to follow. I love P90X and Cathe’s Shock Training System – they are my go to muscle-building rotations. The common denominator in both of these workouts - Pull-ups. The pull-up is by far the most effective and efficient upper body exercise. While both of these programs have helped me to progress, they are still my weak point. But I am determined to master the pull-up which leads me to my current challenge – 7 Weeks to 50 Pull-Ups.

In the book, 7 Weeks to 50 Pull-ups, Brett Stewart shows readers how to go from performing only one of this time-honored exercise to 50 in seven short weeks. With a progressive training program, detailed instructions and minimal equipment you can improve muscular endurance, strengthen your back, arms, shoulders and core in just twenty minutes, three times a week. Broken up into three parts, the book begins with introducing the program and eliminating any excuses or fears of doing a pull-up and gets you prepared for the program. In part two, you will find the progressive training plans based on fitness level, age and gender. Part three takes the pull-up to the next level introducing different grips, alternative workouts and a maintenance plan.

The program begins with an initial pull-up test to determine how many, if any, pull-ups you can do. Armed with this number, you can select the appropriate plan for your starting level. If you are starting from scratch, the book also offers a prep program to get you ready for the Phase One and Phase Two plans. In the prep programs, you will work with assisted pull-ups, lat pulldowns, power holds and negatives to build strength for the other plans. The Phase One and Phase Two plans work with chin-ups, pull-ups and various grips and rest periods to help you progress to doing fifty pull-ups after seven weeks.

So, I am taking on the challenge. While I may not reach the goal of fifty pull-ups in seven weeks, I am determined to get stronger and conquer the pull-up. I have already progressed to four chin-ups and am well on my way to doing some pull-ups.

For more info please visit:
7 Wees to 50 Pull-Ups website
7 Weeks to 50 Pull-Ups on Facebook
The Ulysses Press website

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