Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Snippets For What Ails You!

Quickfix RX: KneeHab
Jill Miller, 2011

Improve knee health and prevent injury with Jill Millers latest addition to her Yoga Tune Up series. Kneehab focuses on helping you get out of unhealthy knee habits and focus on proper form and alignment while performing your exercises. Perfect for all fitness levels.

Jill leads this very well chaptered 60 minute dvd that includes plenty of exercises and sequences focused on knee health. Also includes a bonus knee anatomy chapter!

Jill has studied yoga, movement, and the human body for over twenty years, and created Yoga Tune Up® as a simple way to restore body and mind, to keep us balanced and free of pain. Using a specific and unique set of poses, movements and self massage tools, you too can LIVE BETTER IN YOUR BODY WITH YOGA TUNE UP series of dvds! To learn more about Jill and her Yoga Tune Up series visit her Yoga Tune Up website.

Spine Balance Training 
Marianna Szoke, 2011

This is a 45 minute spine health dvd led by Marianna who works out in front of a screen that changes from a beach to green, etc. The first 20 minutes is done standing and the remaining 15 on the floor. Marianna shows you an exercise and repeats it for a minute. 

Marianna Szoke is a Pilates Master Trainer, Certified Yoga Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer and she is a Nutritionist and Wellness Consultant. She was a "Cover Girl" on some Hungarian magazines. Marianna has trained many times in the US, and has traveled the country extensively. She has been a leader in the fitness industry for eighteen years. She is an internationally recognized Fitness Presenter. Her certifications all earned in the US, include: Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Wellness Consultant, Pilates Master Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Children Fitness’ Specialist, Senior Fitness Trainer, and Aerobics Instructor. For more information about Marianna Szoke visit the Body & Soul website.

Do or Die FitnessPeople love Do or Die Fitness products because they make exercise easy. Their American made products are new, innovative and can reduce discomfort in your wrists, neck and knees. Read what the creators have to say about their innovative products: 

Wrist Wedges were designed to take pressure off the wrists by creating an angle that lessens the amount of wrist extension.  For people who have limited extension the Wrist Wedges gives them the support they need to give them relief. Additional benefits are that it takes pressure off of the carpal nerve potentially helping people with carpal tunnel syndrome.
The Knee Donuts were designed  to cushion the knees while keeping the kneecaps(patellas) from having any contact from the floor. This is different from existing products in that many offer a soft surface but the kneecap still has weight on it.  By creating a “donut” anyone who feels knee discomfort can experience relief.  The knee donuts are extremely versatile.  They can be used in fitness, Pilates, and yoga. They can also be used in gardening and can benefit people in physical therapy and are safe for people who have had knee replacement.
The Neck Circle was designed for people who experience neck pain while exercising or who just have “cranky” necks. Most people have their head thrust forward where the neck is in a less than ideal place. This is because we sit at computers for hours during our day. Driving and cell  phones also add to our less than ideal posture. Consequently, when we lie down our head naturally arches back, which can compress the cervical spine. Most of us aren’t aware we are even doing this but by putting the Neck Circle under the head it places the head in a biomechanically correct position. This provides relief to many people. The Neck Circle can be used during any exercise on your back including stretching and Shivasana. We also recommend lying on the floor with a Neck Disc for five minutes for every 90 minutes of computer time to keep your neck muscles relaxed. Read more about Do or Die Fitness Products on their website or on the Two Belles interview with the creators. 

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