Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kare~N~Herbs Review: Energy Kare

Kare~N~Herbs has have been distributing and manufacturing four Adaptogen based herbal supplements since 1994 in the United States. They purchase only the highest standard of herbs from various farmers overseas. Their adaptogenic herbs, Rhodiola rosea, Acanthopanax senticosus, Schizandra chinensis, and Withania Somnifera, are natural plants whose properties have been proven effective in helping our brains and bodies adapt to and resist physical, environmental and chemical stress. These herbs increase our resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety, and fatigue. The ingridients in their products Kold Kare, Energy Kare, Tranquility Kare, and Kare-N-Liver help the body counter adverse physical and chemical stressors by raising nonspecific resistance towards such stress and giving you the ability to adapt naturally with no harmful side effects. These herbs are Fast Acting- Non-Toxic and Normalizing. These products shield the body against stress, against the ravages of time and diseases. These herbs release our own innate resources of energy, vitality and strength.

We LOVE that Kare~N~Herbs cultivation is carried out with special attention to pesticide free and pollution free growth. The methods employed in the collection and drying of the herbs are such that they do not reduce or destroy the active principles, ensuring lasting quality.

Kare~N~Herbs Energy Kare:
The Belles had the pleasure of reviewing Kare~N~Herbs Energy Kare which contains Rhodiola rosea-which is a natural herb long used in traditional folk medicine in China, Siberia, and the Ukraine. It has been clinically proven to ward off fatigue and increase mental and physical performance! We love Energy Kare before our workouts! I am a morning exerciser but I am NOT a morning person. I stick with my morning workouts because I know they most likely wont happen after I get off work. But some mornings (ok many mornings) I am just exhausted- those are the days I absolutely love Kare~N~Herbs Energy Kare!

Energy Kare is an all-natural herbal dietary supplement that will get you mentally and physically ready to tackle the workout and your busy day! Energy Kare is taken by athletes before competition, students before exams and on a daily basis by active families. Unlike caffeine, Energy Kare is all natural and known to...
  • Stimulate the cells in your body to maximize performance
  • Regulate the body's demand for energy (increasing energy supply when needed)
  • Improve physical strength and stamina
  • Boost mental alertness/capacity
  • Take effect within an hour
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  1. I think I need some of this! The Energy Kare that is. Thanks for posting!