Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mindy Mylrea 360 Miracle Review: 30 Minute Core Workout

360 Miracle, 30 Minute Core Workout
Mindy Mylrea, 2011

This dvd contains two 30 minute core workouts- one advanced & one betginner. Both feature the same exercises but the beginner workout includes more instruction, backgrounder modifications (including the use of a chair), and Mindy offers level options for alternative intensities. I love the set- a  living room with a huge window looking out into the ocean (gorgeous). Mindy works out alone in the advanced and with 3 backgrounders of various fitness levels in the beginner. You will only need an optional chair for the beginner w/o and no equipment for the advanced.

The workouts are structured that you work at 70% intensity for 40 seconds, 60% for 30 seconds, and then 90% for 20 seconds. Each of these intensity "bursts" have a short rest period in between. This is a very active core routine that includes some nice cardio as well. My core was worked very well and from all angles.  She includes lots of fun exercises, lots of variety & many unique moves.

Exercises include: The exercises are progressive, so you do three intensity levels of the same basic exercise.  lunge side chop, burpees progressing to Mt. climbers, V hold, bicycle, wood chop, torso twist cross knee pulls adding in a hop, plank side toe top to cross taps, and plank shifts progressing to elevator planks.

I rate the beginner w/o a true beginner w/o due to the use of the chair. The advanced workout really worked my core- and I would rate it a high intermediate workout. I am a HUGE fan of core cardio and the advanced is just that. Fun & active, accomplishes a lot in only 30 minutes. Very well rounded and you can tell Mindy is having  a blast! I received this dvd to review. 


  1. Nice cards... I guess Halloween is only a month and a half away - wow - where did the summer go?

    I'm really enjoying your 360 Miracle reviews!

  2. I know!! Fall is fast approaching! Im excited for the cooler weather though :)